Each Valentine’s Day our Alumni team work hard to find you new stories of love that was forged on our beautiful campus. To be honest, it’s not that hard a job as most of our loved up alumni are happy to share their stories of how they met, where their lives have taken them and how the University has played an important part in their love story.


Lorraine and David Harper

Lorraine and David met in Chalmer’s Hall in the 1970s – listen to their story.

Sir William and Vanessa Patey

2018 is a very special year for William and Vanessa, with it being their 40th anniversary. William tells us more…

“We met in 1973 on Gaudi night. Vanessa was amongst a group of first year social science students who were mentored by a group of third year students, of which I was one.

“We then encountered each other later that week at a disco when Vanessa had a nose bleed and I was there to proffer my hanky!

“We started going out and the rest as they say is history.”


John and Caroline MacMillan

John and Caroline met while they were both studying Law in 1974. After graduating in 1978, they got married moved to Ayrshire and had four children, Christine, Merrick, Lewis and Ester. What is interesting about their children is that all of them have returned to where their parents met to attend university. John said “Hand on heart we can say we never encouraged any of them to go to Dundee. It was their choice.”

Caroline thinks it could be down to the lasting friendships she made during her time at Dundee. “The kids were brought up close to my former flatmates that I lived with while I was studying. They were brought up hearing tales and stories and I think they had a good idea of what Dundee was like.”

Christine arrived in Dundee in 2001 to study Physics and Maths, followed by her brother Merrick in 2008 who studied History and Geography, rounded off by the youngest Ester arriving in 2006 to study English.

Their youngest son Lewis took a different route to Dundee. “Lewis said no. He wasn’t going to Dundee.” said John. “He decided that his path was at a different university. However, he soon changed his mind and ended up following his brother and sisters to Dundee to study Renewable Energy in 2011.”

The links do not stop there. Christine met her husband James while he was studying Economics at Dundee, and Lewis also met his girlfriend Adele, who graduated in Mental Health Nursing in 2017.

Nykoma and Colin Hamilton

Nykoma and Colin Hamilton met during Freshers Week in 1999 and have been married since 2005.

“I made friends with a girl in the queue to collect my keys at Belmont. She fancied a friend of Colin’s and she asked me to be her wing-woman one evening.

“Me and Colin actually just hit it off and have been together ever since. We now live in Fife with our three children, Matthew, Andrew and Sarah.”

Rachana and Vishnu Madhok

Ruchana and her husband, Vishnu, met in the union in her second year of dental school.

“I owe so much to Dundee.” said Ruchana. “From meeting my soulmate in 2002, we have travelled, married and now have twin boys!

“We had so many years of love and joy from the University. We also owe a lot to the staff of Ninewells Hospital for the safe arrival of our boys.”

And a look at one of our blossoming relationships…

Thara Packiahrajah and Matt Carter met in 2015 in the DUSA President’s office.

“We were about to take part in the annual marathon radio show.” said Thara “What a way to get to know someone… talking to each other for 55 hours.”

And lastly a word from our Chaplain. 

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