Our Student Services staff are still working hard – as they always are – to meet the needs of students throughout the current pandemic and enforced time away from campus for all of us. The One Dundee bloggers have been speaking to our Student Services colleagues to find out how they are providing support to students near and far in these unprecedented times, and also to let them tell us a little bit more about themselves. 

Andrea Gibb lives in Dundee and works as the Enquiry Centre Co-ordinator at the Enquiry Centre, where she meets students from all over the University. She tells us about her work, including why graduation is the worst part of her job.

Your work

One Dundee: What’s your role at the University?
Andrea: I work at the reception in the Enquiry Centre, where my job is to find an answer to anyone’s questions or guide them in the direction of someone who can help them.  It pays to have lots of friends who work at the uni to help me do my job.

One Dundee: What do you do at work?
Andrea: Many things, but primarily

I help lots and lots of students.

I make students laugh (mostly at me), I support and give guidance to students who need help, and I print off the odd 100 ID cards a day!

One Dundee: What gives you satisfaction in your work?
Andrea: The students,

I love to make them smile and laugh

and help them out with any issues they are having. And the staff, I’m lucky I’ve worked here a long time so have lots of work friends to help me out.

One Dundee: What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them?
Andrea: When people don’t ask for help early on when there is a problem, I don’t like to see students upset. My goal is to get the students back smiling as quickly as possible.

One Dundee: What’s the best thing about your work?
Andrea: Having a laugh with the students.

One Dundee: And the hardest?
Andrea: When they graduate,

I don’t like it when they leave. ☹

Working from home

One Dundee: How has the current lockdown/work from home situation affected what you do?
Andrea: I don’t see the students face to face now, but still can talk to them over the phone or by email.

One Dundee: Have you found working from home to be more or less effective in terms of work delivery and the job that you do?
Andrea: My job is face to face, phone calls and emails so I’ve lost part of my job, but not everything, we are still here to support the general public, students, applicants and staff with any enquiry.

One Dundee: How have the needs and demands of students changed and what are you doing that is notably different from normal in the current situation?
Andrea: I hope the students are still asking for help and if they aren’t sure who to ask email enquiry@dundee.ac.uk and we will help them.

One Dundee: Has there been anything particularly supportive during this time?
Andrea: More Teams chats for check-ins with work buddies.

One Dundee: Is there anything new within the current situation that you hope will continue after we return to campus?
Andrea: Hopefully the option of working from home for staff, but not for me,

I miss the campus too much.

Campus/the University

One Dundee: Do you miss the campus you work on?
Andrea: Absolutely,

I miss seeing my work buddies and the students and DUSA’s hot chocolate.

One Dundee: What do you most look forward to doing once you are back on campus?
Andrea: Seeing my work buddies face to face and not on my laptop.

One Dundee: Campus hotspot?
Andrea: The Pavement Cafe at DUSA – hot chocolate, yum.

One Dundee: Someone at the University who inspires you?
Andrea: Muriel Duncan, she is the best receptionist ever, she never ever isn’t wearing a smile.

One Dundee: How would you describe the University to someone who doesn’t know it?
Andrea: Goldilocks, it’s just right (I said it first).

About you

One Dundee: What do you do outside of work?
Andrea: I just relax.
One Dundee: Tell us something we don’t know about you? (Don’t be shy!)
Andrea: I’m shy.
One Dundee: Who would you invite to a dinner party?
Andrea: The Rat Pack.
One Dundee: Why Dundee?
Andrea: It always makes me smile.

Quick-Fire Round

Tea or coffee? Coffee
Facebook or Instagram? Instagram
Pen or pencil? Pen
Morning or afternoon? Morning
Phone or email? Phone
English or Maths? English
Books or films? Films
Netflix or Amazon? Netflix
Savoury or sweet? Sweet
Run or swim? Run