A group of Nursing and Health Sciences students (Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students) from Africa and Saudi Arabia were shown around Dundee by their International Lead, Dr Emma Burnett on Remembrance Sunday. The students had wanted to see more of Dundee and get to know each other better, so Emma and her husband Chris happily obliged, taking their dog Neil with them for the hike. Emma spoke to us about the trip.

“I can imagine how challenging things could be for an international student moving to study in a different country. I wanted them to know as well as the support available from the University, they also had support from our School. Because our on-campus students are taking different courses (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research) I also thought it would be good for them to meet and get to know each other too, especially being away from home.

“I really wanted to get to know them, and when we met for coffee the students suggested we do something socially together – so a walk in and around Dundee felt like a nice start. It was a very relaxed day and everyone got on so well. I was also very proud of them for making it up to the top of the Law, even though a bus was mentioned at one point! It was a lovely clear day, so we spent some time at the top admiring the views. It was actually very moving to see all the poppy wreaths which had just been laid. The students were really keen to learn about Remembrance Sunday.

“They all said they had a great time which was lovely. Chris, Neil and I equally had a great day and we will look forward to the next adventure!”