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Blair Robertson - Actor


A degree from the University of Dundee can open many doors, even unusual ones. Take the story of Mechanical Engineering graduate, Blair Robertson. After graduation he decided that his path didn’t head in the engineering direction, instead he chose to follow his dream and become and actor – and he’s not looked back.

Who are you? Blair Robertson

Where are you from? Dundee

Where do you live? London

What did you study at Dundee? Mechanical Engineering (BEng/Hons) and Design for Medical Technologies (MSc)

When did you graduate? 2011 & 2012

What do you do? Actor

What do you do at work? Currently playing Macduff in international tour of Macbeth

Have you got any memorable stories of your time here? Nothing I want to be publicised.

How would you describe the University to someone who doesn’t know the institution/city? A wonderful, open place for advancing your education, as well as being an incredible place for socialising and getting the most of the student experience

Why did you want to be an actor? I wanted to pursue an acting career during my years at the University of Dundee – after graduating I auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music in London and got in. Going into my fourth year in the industry I can’t imagine going back.

How do you use the skills you gained at Dundee in your career? My time at Dundee gave me a lot of knowledge and experiences that I draw from when preparing for a role. A lot of actors have chosen to be an actor from a young age and that’s all they have experienced – I feel having an engineering background has given me an insight that I wouldn’t have had, had I not completed my degrees. Additionally I’m also a private tutor in maths and physics, subjects that I wouldn’t have any idea about if I had just done acting.
  • Paper or Digital? Digital
  • Tea or Coffee? Tea
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Pen or Pencil? Pen
  • Morning or Afternoon? Morning
  • Phone or Email? Phone
  • English or Maths? Maths
  • Books or Films? Films

To keep up to date with Blair’s news from the stage – keep an eye on his website for updates