Meet ...

Mike Galloway - Executive Director of City Development, Dundee City Council

We’re excited for the opening of V&A Dundee, especially now that we have an official opening date (15th September – get it in your diaries now!)

Did you know we’ve got a few alumni who have been busy working behind the scenes to bring the city this incredible museum of design? We hope to bring you their stories over the next few months.

But first up – is Mike Galloway OBE.

Who are you? Mike Galloway

What did you study at Dundee? BSc (Hons) Town & Regional Planning

When did you graduate? 1979

What is your job title? Executive Director of City Development, Dundee City Council

What do you do at work? In charge of all development, planning, architecture, engineering, transport and property services in the city of Dundee.

What’s your role within the V&A project? Client for the construction of the building and last remaining member of the original group who met over a lunch in 2006 to discuss the possibility of a V&A Museum in Dundee.

What do you think of the V&A project so far? The project has been 12 years of my working life and to now be so close to it opening and becoming the centrepiece of Dundee Waterfront is rewarding and humbling in equal measures. I began the Waterfront Project 21 years ago when I returned to Dundee, having previously worked all across the UK on various urban regeneration projects. I thought I would be here in Dundee for perhaps 5 years, but the place and the challenge got under my skin and I’m so glad I stayed to see it through.

What was it like to be a student at Dundee? Exhilarating! Great hands-on learning across so many diverse disciplines, plus a very lively social scene with great people who are still friends to this day.

Have you got any memorable stories of your time here? Not many that can be printed.

How would you describe the University to someone who doesn’t know the institution/city? Dundee as a city is a friendly, affordable, real place with easy access to anything you could possibly want to do. The University is a high quality, top achieving place of learning with a approachable feel. The combination of the two is pretty unique.

  • Paper or Digital? Digital, I try to be paperless in my work
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the morning, Tea in the afternoon
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Pen or Pencil? Depends, they each have their niche
  • Morning or Afternoon? Morning
  • Phone or Email? Email, I’ve never liked phones
  • English or Maths? Both, but Maths if pushed
  • Books or Films? Factual books, but films for fiction