Research and industry are a perfect match at Dundee

by | Sep 19, 2017

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Universities all over the world are benefiting from industry collaboration, and Times Higher Education has identified the top performers in its industry income pillar of the World University Rankings 2018. The ranking looks at how much income universities attract from industry, scaled for the size of the institution, and we are ranked 2nd in Scotland and in the Top 10 in the UK!

A relationship between academic and industry partners can be hugely beneficial to all players, often bringing new insight to fundamental research at a university, and new elements of innovation to products and services in the industry. The top performer for industry income worldwide is Belgium’s KU Leuven, and the Executive Director of their Research and Development office says “boundaries are always blurred” between applied and fundamental research.

This is the third time this year that Dundee’s impact on industry and commercialisation has been recognised in major rankings. We’re the UK’s Most Influential University (Nature Index, 2017), where third party organisations are looking to our research publications to drive their own developments, and we’re Scotland’s Most Innovative University (Reuters, 2017) based on our publications and IP generated from University research.

In addition to being one of the top universities for industry income, we’re also highly ranked for research citations: 2nd in Scotland and 12th in the UK. When combining all 5 categories of teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook in the World University Rankings, we’re Top 30 in the UK and one of only five Scottish Universities in the World’s Top 200Our impressive performance in the industry income and citations categories has resulted in us being ranked 7th in the Times Higher Education global list of Most Effective Publishers. We’re the only UK university in the top 20 – a great reflection of the quality and impact of our research.

It’s no surprise we’re hitting the headlines for stimulating innovation and collaboration at Dundee; we have established platforms of excellence and reputation across varied sectors, including bio- and life sciences, medtech, creative industries and forensic sciences. The World University Ranking comes just as the Principal launches the University Strategy for the next five years to 2022. The strategy aims to intensify our impact locally and globally, and enhance our performance and reputation in research. So, we’ll be keeping an eye on the rankings to see how we continue to compete on a par with the UK and Europe’s top universities!

How can you get involved?

Our partnerships with industry come in all formats, and researchers from all nine schools are engaged in different ways including consultancy, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, service work, research collaborations, patents and licensing.

Browse our Research Commercialisation page to see different opportunities, or get in touch with Orla Kelly at RIS to discuss your own commercialisation interests.

Four of the University’s spinout companies are finalists in the 2017 Courier Business Awards!

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