On the hunt for research funding? It can be hard to find what you need. Funding opportunities are often scattered across the web, so it usually comes down to knowing first-hand about a specific grant, hearing about it through the grapevine, or having to spend a lot of time searching online.

The good news is that the University has a subscription to the ResearchConnect database of funding opportunities. Using ResearchConnect it is possible to search for sources of funding based on discipline, activities, and location in one place.


How ResearchConnect can help you

Think of ResearchConnect as the Zoopla of property searching or the s1 of job searching. Using ResearchConnect you can quickly search tens of thousands of funding opportunities from both UK and international funding bodies.

You can create personalised searches, set up email alerts and get automatic updates on saved searches, ensuring you stay informed about new and existing funds relevant to your research. Tailoring alerts to your own needs is better than relying on generic emails forwarded to you from RIS or your School office.

More information on ResearchConnect is available on the RIS web page.


Now even simpler to access

RIS and UoD IT have made ResearchConnect even easier to use by bringing in single sign-on.

Now you can login to ResearchConnect with your dundee.ac.uk username and password. This means that it is easier to login, as well as being more secure.

Just go to search.researchconnect.co.uk, select ‘Login with your institution details’, and away you go.


If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter your username correctly at login.

✔️ jbloggs@dundee.ac.uk

❌ j.bloggs@dundee.ac.uk


If you already use ResearchConnect, your old password will no longer work – use your University credentials, as described above. Any saved searches and email preferences you had will be retained and linked to your institution login.

Find out more about ResearchConnect and other funding opportunities on the RIS web page or get started now.


Dr Emma Warbrick

Research Development Officer, Research and Innovation Services (RIS)

Dr Mary Shrimpton

Service Delivery Manager (Research Administration Systems), UoD IT