A summer of hard work has now ended for a record-breaking number of students completing this year’s Access Summer Schools.

220 students will look ahead to new challenges having completed the course, with most taking up a place at Dundee in September.

It was first launched in 1993 to help students held back by adversity prove they can work towards a degree by providing routes for them to qualify and prepare.

We spoke to some of this week’s graduating students.


“I really wanted to study Law and this was the option given to me. Also, I’ve been out of education for a while and Summer School seemed to be the perfect opportunity to get back into learning. I’ve actually helped disadvantaged people get into Dundee through my day job at Gowrie Care. Seeing them get their degrees made me realise I could achieve more.

“I loved doing academic research. I did a module in History, which I’ve never studied before. I learned all about the Virginia colonies and people’s passage to the new world in America. I found it all really exciting.”

Kim Dewar

She will start her Law degree in September

“I was sick in my history exam and was given a no award. Everyone said Summer School would be a smart decision. I’ve made so many good friends and the lecturers are absolutely amazing. People here make you feel like you’re part of the University and not like a first year. We were made to feel part of the bigger picture.”

Nikola Vasiljeva

She will start a Business Management degree in September

“Summer school is a great opportunity and I wanted to make friends before I came to University. I feel so comfortable here, I didn’t have the best experience in school, but coming to Dundee feels so fresh and made me forget about the bad experiences.

“I was going to do Law, but Summer School has helped me realise that it’s not the right career path for me. So now I’m going to apply to college to do Art and hopefully come back to Dundee to study at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.”

Martha Grieve

She has decided to go to college

“I wanted to learn more about the Scottish education system. I had started school in Pakistan, moved to Spain and now I’m here so I was confused. Summer School was a fantastic experience and now I know what I’m coming into in September.

“Everything about Summer School was fun, it’s all gone so fast. I wish it could have been longer.”

Rauf Tarar Sultana

He will start his Applied Computing degree in September

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