What we actually do…

So no… we’re not really running a Penguin Studies masters course that will allow you to have you own Penguin. We were just having a bit of April Fools fun. However, as a University we do have many links to our flippered friends.


Animation BDes & Animation & VFX MSc

We offer courses for students who are passionate about becoming animators. You could end up creating your own Pengu or Mumble from Happy Feet.

Comics & Graphic Novels MLitt/MDes

Create your own comic book penguin on our Masters in Comics and Graphic novels. You can go down the cute and fluffy route – or be inspired by Batman’s adversary The Penguin.

Penguin Books

We have lots of books by the popular British publishing house in our library. Without them our students would be lost. Also, Johanna Basford, our Textile graduate, publishes her colouring books with Virgin Books, a division of Penguin Random House UK.

Environmental Sustainability MA (Hons) 

By doing this course you could be on your way to protecting our favourite animal’s habitat.

D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 

Our museum, based in the Carnelley Building, houses many fascinating specimens, including Penguin artifacts.


Graduating Penguins

They’re now a massive part of our Graduation process. Lots of people stop to get their photos taken with these happy little guys.

And last, but no means least… Piper!

We’re extremely proud of our Sports Union mascot, Piper! This happy penguin can be spotted hanging out at various sporting events. He mostly enjoys winding up our competitors.