What’s new in our learning and teaching spaces?

by Dec 20, 2018

You might remember last year’s ‘Freshening up the facilities’ One Dundee blog post about this topic. Since then, the programme of investment has continued to ensure our campus is equipped with the latest technology.

This work is funded through Learning Spaces, Capital Projects, individual Schools, and IT budgets, although many others have also contributed to your improved campus.

Here, we look into some of the improvements made.

Interactive Learning Suite, Dalhousie Building

This large open collaboration space was created by merging classrooms 2S15, 2S16 & 2S17. There are 13 collaborative tables spaced around the walls with five PCs on each. There are four central tables (one of these is height adjustable) each with four PCs and a further two chairs to share, collaborate or move around. There is a central teaching desk to house the equipment and a tablet will be provided to allow control of equipment and movement around space if required. A total of 81 new all-in-one PCs have been installed for our students to use.

Colleagues have been organising training sessions to demonstrate the room’s capabilities.

Matthew Building room 5018

The second of this suite of Lecture Theatres to have a total refurbishment. Intended for not just general teaching but also for film screenings, so special requirements in here. Surround sound and two multi-region BluRay playback machines have been provided. There is also a break out area at the back of the room. Each of the seats in this lecture theatre have been provided with a mains socket, USB & USB C charging points!

Planning is underway to upgrade the four remaining Lecture Theatres.

IT Suite, Tower Basement

The two suites, B and C, have been merged into one large learning space – it fits up to 149 students!

Each desk benefits from its own large monitor and ceiling speaker. Even if you choose a seat behind a pillar (we’ve all made that mistake), you’ll still be able to see and hear everything your lecturer is saying.

In the Reception Area we took away the old imposing desk and replaced it with some comfy seating and better facilities for our staff to use when supporting exams.

This upgrade has been a great success and we are busy working on plans to upgrade IT Suites A, D & E next summer break

Symons Teaching Space, Dental School

There’s now two teaching points at either end of the room so it can be divided into two smaller spaces.

Five collaborative tables have been installed. Each come with a large Kramer VIA screen which you can display either your own laptop or the built-in PC to.

You can find a guide on ‘how to use the VIA screens’ on the IT website.

Moot Courtroom, Scrymgeour 4.08

The different recording devices made this room slightly trickier but we managed to upgrade every piece of tech.

You might notice the new desks and chairs too. The desks have wheels built-in to allow for a flexible room layout.

Scrymgeour 3.08

New whiteboards and AV equipment have been installed along with revamped chairs and desks.

Since we’re rolling out the same tech in all centrally managed rooms, staff can easily set up their lecture, no matter where it is.

You’ll find instructions at the front of the room showing you how to use the new technology.

 If you need a hand to set up before a lecture, you can contact the Service Desk. 

DJCAD Library

A couple of the TopTec collaborative tables have been upgraded with larger monitors, new control panels and Kramer VIAs.  One of these went to Fife Campus too.

We’ve had the collaboration table upgraded with a new control in one room, and installed one of our large interactive displays with a 4K webcam, so you’ll be able to use another room for web conferencing.

Global Room

This year, we’ve been expanding the number of digital signage screens on campus. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can’t miss the new monitor in the Global Room – it’s massive!

Other locations on campus with newly installed digital signage include: Enquiry Centre, the Dalhousie Building, Tower Foyer, just to name a few. Read more about digital signage.

Other highlights

  • Interactive Teaching Suite, Ninewells – the tech in this room was getting a bit unreliable so we upgraded this using the same screen sharing technology as in the Dalhousie iLS
  • Cuschieri Skills Centre had a full upgrade to a seminar space which could be split into two smaller ones
  • TORT carried out an upgrade to a seminar space which was a great improvement
  • A 12K projector installed in Lecture Theatre 3 in the Dalhousie Building
  • Latest Sennheiser Speechline Digital Wireless microphones installed in D’Arcy Thompson LT
  • New tech in Carnegie meeting rooms one, two, and three
  • Windows 10 desktops rolled out to libraries, IT suites, and other teaching spaces
  • In addition to the 149 new PCs in Tower Basement C and 81 in Dalhousie iLS, the 53 in Tower Basement IT Suite E were replaced
  • 100 new PCs were purchased for teaching rooms
  • Medical Physics Seminar Lab in Ninewells – funded jointly by the University and the NHS
  • Webcams installed in the enclosed pods in the Main Library ground floor, all pods cable and control panel upgrades
  • Fulton G20 had equipment damaged during building works, but this afforded opportunity to upgrade room with LFDs and standard teaching room equipment

Coming up

  • Work has started on upgrading Fulton teaching space(s) F25/F26 and meeting room H27
  • CAHID Thiel Teaching & Public Engagement Facility is well underway and plans for technology are being finalised
  • Fife Campus Discussion Room 5 is to be kitted out with a LFD and Skype camera
  • Projector upgrades are planned in various locations including Carnegie LT, Carnelly Large LT, Tower T9 and the centre projector in D’Arcy Thompson LT
  • Discussions are currently taking place on a number of other upgrades