Every student has a different view on what makes the University of Dundee great. After all the University has been awarded Scottish University of the Year for two years running and DUSA is number one in Scotland for Student Experience. Perhaps you enjoy attending the wide range of events on offer at DUSA, from DJs to society events. Do you feel that your needs as a student are being represented at every level in the class room, at School level and by DUSA Executive? Or maybe you have an idea on what DUSA should be doing in the summer to make it better. Previously this research has lead to the introduction of breakfast offers, the reinstatement of Winter Graduation and new societies on campus.

Well here is your chance to let them know what you think.
Five teams made up of fourth year marketing students have been given the opportunity to make a real difference on campus with a project of huge proportions. Their goal? To find out what current staff and students think about key issues on campus. This certainly is a challenge for the students, but with your help they will surely succeed. All it will take is a few minutes of your time to fill in a small survey. You might even will a prize for taking part.

Meet the teams:


Finding out more about student values across the University is Catharine, Kirsty, Blair and Ali.
They want to discover more about you, who you are, what you like or don’t like. By finding out how the student population is made up they will then use the information, along with DUSA, to tailor what events you want to see, the services that are needed. What offers the students want to see – be it food, drinks or entry.
Oh, and you could win £100 Amazon vouchers.

Take the survey to make sure DUSA knows how your student union should fit in with your life…


Last week’s Re-Freshers Week was sold out, with appearances from the Chuckle Brothers, Cascada and another packed Freshers Fair. Dragos, Douglas and Oskar are investigating what do you think about events at DUSA. Do you like the events that are currently running? What sort of events would you like to see that don’t exist already?

This is your chance to tell DUSA whether or not their events are working. Take the short survey and be entered into a prize draw for two cash prizes of £50. It’s a win-win situation.


Are you being represented properly?
Do you feel that you are represented in classes by your class representative? Do you know what is going on within your School or who your School President is? The student body is represented at every level within the University, but maybe you feel that they could be doing more.

Matthew, Holly, Stephan and Sofia want to know more about how you think you’re represented, how you’d like to be represented, and how DUSA can help. Not to be outdone by their peers, the group is offering anyone who completes the 10 minute survey a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher… complete the survey.


Last summer due to popular demand DUSA introduced the Pavement Cafe so that staff and students on campus during the summer could still take advantage of the food and drink on offer at the number one students union in Scotland.
Ana, Lea and Chloe, are exploring what currently happens over the summer and what you want to happen. What are your thoughts on DUSA’s summer activities? After last years success and feedback by staff and students DUSA introduced summer BBQs, coffee offers and summer parties.

 By filling in the survey you might even win one of two £50 cash prizes


How do you keep in touch with what events are going on at DUSA? Maybe you have noticed the posters found around campus, follow DUSA on social media or regularly speak with their PR team about up coming events.

Michelle, Greg, Emma and Atiqa are researching DUSA’s advertising strategy and branding. Does DUSA’s advertising catch your attention, or does it make you cringe? Tell the group your thoughts! They’re looking into what works and what doesn’t – according to you – and are considering innovative, new ideas too, so make sure you give them a heads up on what you want to see before they start planning for 2017.

Make a difference by completing the survey now – and you could win £100 cash.

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