The University implemented Automatic Enrolment ( Pensions ) on the 1st May 2013.  At each triennial anniversary thereafter, all employees who opted out will be re-assessed for automatic re-enrolment (except for those who opted out within 12 months of the anniversary date).

The law on workplace pensions imposes a legal duty on employers to help their UK workers to save for their retirement. The employer must identify when a worker becomes an eligible jobholder by being aged between 22 and state pension age, having qualifying earnings of £10,000 pa or £833.33 per month, and who usually works in the UK. The employer must then automatically enrol the eligible jobholder into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and start making employee and employer contributions to the pension scheme for the worker’s benefit.

Automatic-enrolment and re-enrolment, requires that all workers are identified and assessed to determine whether the University has a duty to pay at least minimum contributions to a qualifying workplace pension scheme. Qualifying workers must be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme. Whether the University has a duty to do this is determined by the category of the worker.

Employees who are eligible for automatic-enrolment will continue to have the option to opt-out of the pension scheme should they desire.

Please explore our website for FAQs (along the top menu) and Useful Links to official government information resources on automatic enrolment and how it may affect you.