95th SSBC Meeting, 24th November 2016

The 95th meeting of the Scottish Skin Biology Club 


Speakers: Scott Hogg, Brian McHugh, Jian Tan, Paul O’Mahoney, Martina Elias and Girish Patel

Meeting Programme:

Martina Elias and Patricia Martin, Universities of Newcastle and Glasgow Caledonian

Modelling Atopic Eczema for therapeutic development

 Jian Tan and David A Greenhalgh, Glasgow University

Analysis of β-catenin activation and PTEN loss in transgenic mouse skin carcinogenesis

 Guest Speaker:  Dr Girish Patel, Cardiff University

Is the skin cancer stem cell, the special one?

 Paul O’Mahoney, M. Khazova, M. Higlett, T. Lister, S. Ibbotson and E. Eadie Photobiology Unit, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

The use of illuminance as a guide to effective light delivery during daylight PDT in the UK

Scott Hogg and  Richard Weller, University of Edinburgh

Patient travel distance and the utilisation of phototherapy in the management of psoriasis

Brian McHugh Donald Davidson and Richard Weller,  University of Edinburgh

IL-1beta-induced protection of keratinocytes against Staphylococcus aureus-secreted proteases is mediated by human beta defensin 2.

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