98th SSBC meeting and prize winners

It was an excellent turnout for the 98th SSBC meeting, with attendees rewarded for their efforts with a fabulous selection of talks.

Prizes were awarded for the best presentation in each session, with outstanding talks by PhD students Ilaria Epifano from Sheila Graham’s lab (Establishment of three-dimensional co-cultures of epithelial cells with immune cells) and Kimberley Morrison from Sara Brown’s lab (Investigating the role of LRRC32 (GARP) in skin barrier function of relevance to atopic dermatitis) winning the morning and afternoon session prizes respectively. Congratulations to both Ilaria and Kimberley.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 99th SSBC meeting to be held in Glasgow in 2020. Details will be announced nearer the time but in the meantime, why not follow the SSBC on Twitter @SSBC_Research!

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