SNM-Centrepoint Corner – Keeping it real with Dr John Drummond

“In terms of the university, the reason I embrace it so much is because it has a lot of amenities for its staff, a good reputation for its students and it feels like a good place to be”

John is a Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Dundee and the co-founder of the International Philosophy of Nursing Society, whos aim is to promote and develop philosophy of nursing as a credible discipline in the humanities, and in a manner that is directly relevant to nursing practice, education and research.

Listen to an exclusive interview with Dr John Drummond

Nursing Philosophy and the joys of Dundee! 

[audio:http://blog.dundee.ac.uk/snm-centrepoint/files/2011/10/John-Drummond-prt-1.mp3|titles=Nursing Philosophy and the joy of Dundee]

Coen Brothers with a side order of salad!

[audio:http://blog.dundee.ac.uk/snm-centrepoint/files/2011/10/John-Drummond-prt-2.mp3|titles=Coen Brothers with a side order of salad]

Many thanks John for getting involved and agreeing to be interviewed

SNM-Centrepoint Corner-Thought provoking insight into Nursing with Professor Margaret Smith

“The things for me which are important is to at all times remind everyone including myself  of what is it we are trying to do, irrespective of whether we come from research or teaching or managerial backgrounds we all have one thing in common and that is to produce  future Nurses and midwives”

One of Scotland’s most senior nursing leaders, Professor Margaret Smith has brought a strong clinical and management track record to the School of Nursing & Midwifery and is recognised for her commitment to excellence in nursing education and as a great facilitator of research in the health service.

Listen to the 3 part exclusive interview with the Dean

Nurses, midwives, components & skill sets
[audio:http://blog.dundee.ac.uk/snm-centrepoint/files/2011/11/The-Dean_prt-1.mp3|titles=Nurses, midwives, components & skill sets]

Reflections, milestones & changing policy
[audio:http://blog.dundee.ac.uk/snm-centrepoint/files/2011/11/The-Dean_prt-2.mp3|titles=Reflections, milestones & changing policy]

Comedy with a twist of italian & a dash of curry[audio:http://blog.dundee.ac.uk/snm-centrepoint/files/2011/11/The-Dean_prt-3.mp3|titles=Comedy with a twist of italian & a dash of curry]

Many thanks to Professor Margaret Smith for her leadership and continued support with SNM-Centrepoint

Other Podcasts from around the web

Why clinical trails?

Duration:4.02 minutes

Dr Ben Goldacre explains why clinical trials are important, what they involve and who can take part in one. He also describes common concerns patients might have and gives tips on what questions to ask before taking part in any research.

Watch the video

Am I Really Free?

Duration: 28 minutes 

When is a mentally ill patient really free to make a decision about their treatment, and when is it the disorder talking? Claudia Hammond explores some surprising new research.


Listen to the full podcast

Inside the Ethics Committee: Unconscious & Pregnant

Duration: 42 mins

Hear Joan Bakewell and her panel wrestle with a real life medical dilemma. How do you make medical decisions about an unconscious woman when she is pregnant?


Listen to the full podcast

Recruiting for values’ key to elderly care

The co-chair of the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care has said that staff caring for older people who do not show dignity “have to go”.

Sir Keith Pearson was speaking to the Today programme’s John Humphrys following a report which said that the values of people wishing to work in health and care services need to be considered along with their academic qualifications

SNM-Centrepoint  congratulates Bob Rankin (School of Nursing & Midwifery)  for his“appearance” on the BBC Today programme. To here this podcast, please visit:

Listen to the full podcast


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