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A Guide to Studying in University

For most of us coming doing a course here in Dundee, will probably be from school. So for many of us, Uni education will be different and something we need to figure out for the first time. So here are some tips, from someone who have gone through 2 years of Uni. I don’t claim […]


Sep 23

Open Days!

Well, UoD undergraduate open days are over again for another semester! I’ve helped out at the History stall for the past two semesters and I absolutely love it. It’s such an amazing opportunity to really sell the university and encourage people to come to Dundee, as well as to take History modules of course! (I’d […]

Sep 22

How to Scrapbook

I used to really enjoy arts and craft as a child. I loved sticking bits of things together in hap-hazard collages or dabbling with paper Mache.  If you remember Neil Buchannan from Art Attack as fondly as I do you’ll understand what I mean. Somehow, it’s been another one of those hobbies that has just […]

Sep 21

Beyond the books: The diary of a coffee addict in Dundee

Suffering from caffeine withdrawal? Me too. All. The. Time. However, I am not just your usual coffee addict. I like my daily coffee with a side of hipstery scenery and nice staff. During my last 3 years in Dundee I have found the very best, cutest and most aesthetic places to grab a coffee – […]

Staying Safe on Campus and in the City

As someone who had never lived in the centre of a city before moving here, I had some questions and concerns relating to my personal safety before I moved here. People I knew were telling me to “avoid walking home alone” and to “walk through the more populated streets if you have to walk home […]

Sep 18

Love the Uni Life

University can be, and should be, an amazing, enjoyable experience. Here’s my take on how to make it happen.

Sep 17

A Very Busy Week 1!

Finally, the weekend is upon us after what has probably been quite a busy first week of lectures and classes for us all! As a second year history student, my timetable is still relatively busy but nothing quite like you medics and dentists out there working 9-5! Despite that, I thought I’d give a little […]

Sep 15

Week 1: Staying Organised and Getting Involved

After a long summer, getting back into the routine of university life can be tough. The summer days are long gone and the excitement of Freshers week is over. The thought of a week of classes can be a shock. As a second year, I’m used to the routine of university and I know what […]

Sep 14

Campus Couches

The academic success can be difficult to achieve in a distress state of mind. The University of Dundee has loads of support services to help with mental health, finances and such, but to maintain a good feel through students’ courses, it is also crucial to have an environment which is comfortable and inspiring. Such as […]

Sep 11

Best Freshers Advice!!!

Freshers’ Week is almost over, but we can’t forget one of the most important events of the whole week…the Freshers Fayre! On Saturday 8th September, freshers will flock to the campus green to get a glimpse of the many societies we have here at Dundee. ‘So, what’s the best freshers advice?’ I hear you ask. […]

Sep 07

Year 1, Semester 1, Week 1!

Sunny blue sky, great weather and great people; all are which makes Dundee an ideal place for students to be! As a year 3 student this year, I have already been in classes for the past 3 weeks and trying to understand neurology. But enough about me, this week is all about the freshies and […]


Sep 05

Graduation and Highlands trip

My BMSc graduation was at 2.30pm on the 22nd of June 2018.  The Scottish weather gods were especially kind as the clouds parted and we had sunny skies for the ceremony and the many (many) photos after. This was especially special as my parents had flown in a long way away from Malaysia to attend. […]

Sep 03

Good morning, good night

  Hello from my timezone to yours. It is currently morning on this side and I’ve just said good night to my friend in Europe, who was preparing to go back to Dundee after a long summer. Don’t feel too sorry for yourself that it’s coming to an end – my semester started three weeks ago. […]

Aug 31

Summer Part One (London)

2017/2018 was a pretty long academic year and to be very honest I was quite ready for a long break. Somehow my long summer became quite exciting, more by a happy accident than by design. This will be a three-part post of my adventures and misadventures…   After I submitted my dissertation, something new I […]

Aug 25

TARGETJobs Future Female Engineers

In March of this year, I attended Future Female Engineers in the Arup HQ, London. This was my third time applying to Future Female Engineers (FFE), an event I saw advertised in TARGETJobs Engineering 2018 Edition. The idea of being surrounded by over 80 other female engineers excited me, so much so that I kept on applying […]

Aug 12

One Semester Left

It’s a joyous and wondrous thing, watching first years leave their little alcohol-bottle nests and go home.  Parents come in, hefting their hungover offspring into a small, too-full car and drive on their merry way. They’re done until the Autumn where they will be someone else’s problem, far, far away from me. Not us. We’re postgraduates! […]

May 24

Being an Artist

Frustration is having an itch you can’t scratch.  You know what I’m talking about – in my case, it’s art. I wanna do the thing, but I just can’t. The thing is broken.  Maybe you write – you want to, but you just don’t know what to even start with. Sports is your thing, but […]

May 24


I’ve been blogging for the university student blog for a little while now, it’s been a welcome change from my essays on patient cases, pathologies and biochemical cellular mechanisms. However, I’ve yet to post anything truly personal. I figured this would be the time to do so and share my thoughts on the academic year […]

May 09

Diary of a Postgrad student – Business vs Academia

I’ve come at my Masters in a different way. I spent 20+ years as a business consultant. I helped businesses improve. I trained people on how to interpret data. I ran a callcentre and was responsible for profit and loss. And then I did a Masters in Psychology and it has been a bit of […]

May 09


Protip: when booking a flight, make sure the dates are right.  Protip 2: when dealing with airlines, never forget that they are pirates. Got that? Cool. Go to Amsterdam. Started off in Scotland and had to make it to Southend airport, almost missed our bus to London, got stopped at the gate while boarding (I […]

Apr 23

Exam Time!

It’s almost time – the exam diet is about to begin! Don’t stress, I’m here with 5 tips on how to keep calm during exam time, and I’ll be updating you on my exam experience once my first ever university exam diet is over! First of all, get yourself organised well in advance. Make sure […]

Apr 21

#mealprep – Part 2

It is that time of the year, the library is full of students trying to cram as many facts as possible to make sure they get all the marks they can in their exams. As much as it is important to remember that differential equation (that you just can’t) it is also important to take […]


Apr 18

My Top 3 Exam Preparation Tips

Here is the link to a video where I go over my top 3 exam prep tips:    

Apr 11

Second Long Days

Needless to say, it’s been a busy semester. On top of the usual coursework and money-earning work, in December I took on the role of Head of Operations in DUSA Media’s Tay Productions. Week by week seems to have thundered by like an out of control snow plow (especially during Exec Election week when the […]

Apr 10