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Shows of 2018 To Catch Up On

We all know the feeling of having weekly episodes of your tv show to watch but having to force yourself not to because you have studying to do, or an assessment due. Scrolling through your social media and having to flick past any spoilers because you are still a few episodes behind. Sticking your fingers […]

Dec 14

University Christmas Dinner

There is one day left, you’ve got this! If you have finished your exams, congratulations, hopefullly they went well and you are enjoying the start of your holidays. If you still have work due in, or an exam today, Good Luck! No matter when you finish, it is always a nice idea to celebrate with […]

Dec 14

Easy ways to save money at University

University can be expensive, with the cost of textbooks, living and socializing. With the average student funding, not covering the cost of residences in university here are a few tips on how to save money. I work two jobs and university and enjoy socializing with my friends, traveling and eating good food which can be […]

Dec 12

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Holidays are here! (almost)

I am sure, for most of us either we are done or almost done with our exams. First of all, good job! Hope you are kicking back and sipping that hot chocolate that you so rightfully deserve. But for those, who have yet to finish your tests….I am sorry but this post is may not […]


Dec 09

Accommodation for Students as Experienced by Students

It’s possible, no matter what year group you are in, that you have had an email sent, or a leaflet through the door, asking you to decide where to live next year. The experienced students know that these messages usually come in before the Christmas holidays and there is usually a mad dash to get […]

Dec 08

Christmas Times

Season of joy, reunions and generosity, but also the time of struggle, mainly when your countdown isn’t set to the boxing day, but to that dissertation deadline, which is coming in hard. If that’s your case, it’s likely that you don’t have much of the festive spirit on your mind – not to mention some […]

Dec 06

It’s the Exams!

Yes! I know its that time of the year! So close to the holidays yet we all have to put off decorating the house and sipping hot chocolate till the exams are over. It is certainly a tough time and I am sure all you will get through it in a breeze and will start […]


Dec 05

University Field Trips

  As a University student, I thought it was unlikely that I would get to go on a field trip, however having completed three years at Dundee, I realize how silly I was to think that. As a civil engineering site, we have visited numerous sites in Dundee, including a school and the train station. […]

Dec 05

When things get harder – Part 3

In the past 2 posts, I covered on what is and why mental health is important. But I think its my duty to also cover, where and what should you do to get help if you or someone you know is needs help. Here are some tips and avenues on getting help:   Its okay […]


Dec 03

STUDY WITH ME | Intense Studying for University Exams

Tools I mention in the video: Momentum, a Google Chrome extension Quizlet, learning tools and flashcards

Dec 03

Steall Adventures

Visiting the Glen Nevis and some stunning mountains nearby.

Dec 02


It’s been a crazy few weeks with deadlines hitting me left, right and centre, and now revision for exams is taking over, but I managed to find some inspiration for a blog post that won’t just be me banging on about how difficult this time of year is at uni! It’s always good to take […]

Dec 01

Dishes for Days: Creamy Cauliflower and Chestnut Soup

The days are darker, colder, wetter. You need to head to work or the library and you haven’t made any food so you shove together a sandwich. For the 4th day in a row. Not anymore! This soup takes 30 minutes, and is perfect for making in advance to store in tupperware to take with […]

Nov 29

Exploring Perth

Taking a break from the exam season in Perth, to experience poor visibility and freezing temperatures. It was awesome!

Nov 26

How to make your ‘uni room’ more homely

Moving to University can be an exciting time, filled with great new opportunities and experiences. However, if you are coming from a distance working out what to bring can be challenging as it may be a while before you return home. For me, I am from Northern Ireland and I go home one to two […]

Nov 25

Guilt Free Revision Breaks

Have you been in the library lately? From 10am til 5pm it is chocker block full of all of us revising for the upcoming exams, or finishing pieces of coursework. Some people are stressed, others anxious. Some people don’t even get stressed! But one thing we all have in common is that our minds, and bodies, […]

Nov 25

What Working in University Has Taught Me

Working alongside your studies in University can be hard, but it is essential, and one of the main ways you can progress personally, academically and professionally – way before anyone else does. I have been working alongside my studies since the first day I arrived in Dundee. I quite literally walked into the nearest café, […]

Good eats in Dundee – (Revised)

I know I’ve written about good eats in Dundee before, but its a topic that has to be revisited I’m back with some new favourites that you just have to try out. Mozza My new favourite pizza place. They do amazing, authentically Italian pizzas. The interior is pretty nice, perfect for a weekend catch up with […]

Nov 22

Exam Season

For a student, semester one changes from Summer to Exam Session. It is easy to spot, dark cold and wet, the only thing keeping you in the library. The semester is beginning to wind up and student flood to the library, in the hopes of warmth under the pretense of studying. In my third year, […]

Nov 20

Undergraduate Summit in Dublin

Last week I was conferencing and sightseeing in the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

Nov 19

A Typical Day

I would love to say my day takes a typical pattern, but that would be grossly misleading. I’m very much lead by how I feel and that’s good and bad; good because I’m generally quite happy in my day to day life and bad because sometimes it’s necessary to do the things you want to […]

Nov 18

So. Many. Deadlines.

It’s nearing the end of November and that means, at least in the Humanities, that all your deadlines creep up on you at once! We’ve all experienced maybe being a little unprepared for this so here are a few tips on how to avoid it this year. Firstly, always keep track of when all your […]

Nov 17

My road trip around Spain

The tour began flying from Edinburgh airport to Madrid. Taking full advantage of my 25% student discount code in Yo Sushi. When my friend and I landed, we rented a Fiat 500 Sport from the Gold rental. Our tour began. That evening we drove to Cuenca, staying in a Paradores, a converted monastery with an […]

Nov 12