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Reading Week

I’m lucky as a humanities student that I get a reading week to catch up on any reading or work that I might have got behind on. But I can’t believe it’s already almost over! If you’re unsure what a reading week is, it’s basically a week of little to no classes where you can […]

Oct 19

A weekend out in Dundee

Dundee has grown in leaps and bounds, even since I started university here 4 years ago. I’ve watched swanky new restaurants open, an entirely different set of shops take over the Overgate (no pun intended) and most recently the opening of the stunning Victoria & Albert Museum. One weekend we decided to ditch the books […]

Oct 18

Phenomenon V&A

Dundee recently gained a world-class museum of design. Exciting times! Tons of news articles and press releases, it was hard to miss the news of the first Victoria and Albert museum opening outside London. But what does it mean to us, UoD students?

Oct 17

When things get hard

Now that most of us will be in week 6/7 of our courses, I am sure we are all doing our best to keep up with lectures, meeting deadlines and of course managing all the new responsibilities as students away from home. I know I am! This is my 3rd year here in Dundee, but […]


Oct 15

Beyond the books: How to stay fit in uni!

Staying fit and healthy in university is a challenge – there are more distractions than ever before, including late nights in the union (I mean the library!) and more pints than I could have ever imagined. But keeping your body healthy is essential – trust me when I say, a happy body makes everything easier, […]

My Experience Living in Student Accommodation

Living in student accommodation is a large part of student life for many. Moving into halls and living with people you have never met before can seem like a terrifying experience. The excitement of living away from home can also come with many worries. For my first year of university, I lived in Heathfield. Heathfield […]

Oct 13


It started quite innocently, with feeling empty inside, all the time. Slowly but surely I started abandoning things I used to enjoy, like socialising, cooking and exercising. Instead of flourishing during classes I was withering a little bit more every day.  To put it bluntly, last year was very difficult and talking about it isn’t […]

Oct 10

What to do in October?

With the temperatures dropping and the essays piling up many of us find it a bit harder to enjoy the magnificent city of Dundee. Well, you better find a day or two because this October Dundee will host some great events! For those of you interested in improving their essay writing skills there is the […]

Oct 08

Northern Coastline

Visiting some amazing points of interest of the north-west Scotland in an epic road-trip.

Oct 07

Things to do in Dundee

Most of us are here in Dundee simply because we go to University here, while some maybe were born and raised here. For those of you that aren’t quite sure what there is to do in Dundee while you’re out of lectures and free to do whatever you please, I’m here to provide you with […]

Oct 07

A Guide to Studying in University – Part 2

So, in the previous post I covered the 3 biggest things of studying in Uni, the trifactor of Uni if I may say. But, that is not all that is enough to get you through Uni. Keeping up with lectures, constant revision and regular breaks to ensure you do not burn out so soon is […]


Oct 05

A date at Italian Grill

There comes a point in life where most of us realise it’s your friends that eventually have your back and it’s the dinner dates with your girlfriends that make the most memorable nights.  Cue Simran, one of my closest (craziest) friends in Dee and my dinner date for Saturday. We decided to head to Dundee’s […]

Oct 03

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

As we approach mental health day on October 10th, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss the importance of wellbeing and mental health at university. Mental health is a growing concern amongst students. Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Low mental wellbeing can impact many […]

Oct 03

The Reality of Moving across the World

Moving to Uni was probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever done. I grew up in the capital city of New Zealand, half a world away! I was about 14 when I decided I wanted to move to Scotland to come to Uni, and it didn’t take me long to realise Dundee University was […]

Oct 01

Living in a Private Let Flat

The move from home to halls is difficult enough, but most of us take that next step in second year and go onto living in a private let flat, which is a whole different kettle of fish. After living here for about 4 weeks now, I think I can comment on it, even though I […]

Sep 30

Taster Session – Center of Entrepreneurship

On Thursday the 13th the enterprise challenge started. It had its ‘opening ceremony’ the taster session. A fun event aimed to show off the business skills that can be gained from the challenge as well as an opportunity to meet the team and gets chance to visit the centre’s office. It was a busy night, […]

Sep 27

How to “What Now?”

We’re halfway through the 3rd week of class and by now I’m sure you have had hundreds of emails from all the clubs and societies that you signed up to during freshers’ week, a bunch of messages from your lecturers telling you about deadlines and room changes, plus the weekly ‘are you okay?’ WhatsApp from […]

Sep 27

A Guide to Studying in University

For most of us coming doing a course here in Dundee, will probably be from school. So for many of us, Uni education will be different and something we need to figure out for the first time. So here are some tips, from someone who have gone through 2 years of Uni. I don’t claim […]


Sep 23

Open Days!

Well, UoD undergraduate open days are over again for another semester! I’ve helped out at the History stall for the past two semesters and I absolutely love it. It’s such an amazing opportunity to really sell the university and encourage people to come to Dundee, as well as to take History modules of course! (I’d […]

Sep 22

How to Scrapbook

I used to really enjoy arts and craft as a child. I loved sticking bits of things together in hap-hazard collages or dabbling with paper Mache.  If you remember Neil Buchannan from Art Attack as fondly as I do you’ll understand what I mean. Somehow, it’s been another one of those hobbies that has just […]

Sep 21

Beyond the books: The diary of a coffee addict in Dundee

Suffering from caffeine withdrawal? Me too. All. The. Time. However, I am not just your usual coffee addict. I like my daily coffee with a side of hipstery scenery and nice staff. During my last 3 years in Dundee I have found the very best, cutest and most aesthetic places to grab a coffee – […]

Staying Safe on Campus and in the City

As someone who had never lived in the centre of a city before moving here, I had some questions and concerns relating to my personal safety before I moved here. People I knew were telling me to “avoid walking home alone” and to “walk through the more populated streets if you have to walk home […]

Sep 18

Love the Uni Life

University can be, and should be, an amazing, enjoyable experience. Here’s my take on how to make it happen.

Sep 17

A Very Busy Week 1!

Finally, the weekend is upon us after what has probably been quite a busy first week of lectures and classes for us all! As a second year history student, my timetable is still relatively busy but nothing quite like you medics and dentists out there working 9-5! Despite that, I thought I’d give a little […]

Sep 15

Week 1: Staying Organised and Getting Involved

After a long summer, getting back into the routine of university life can be tough. The summer days are long gone and the excitement of Freshers week is over. The thought of a week of classes can be a shock. As a second year, I’m used to the routine of university and I know what […]

Sep 14

Campus Couches

The academic success can be difficult to achieve in a distress state of mind. The University of Dundee has loads of support services to help with mental health, finances and such, but to maintain a good feel through students’ courses, it is also crucial to have an environment which is comfortable and inspiring. Such as […]

Sep 11

Best Freshers Advice!!!

Freshers’ Week is almost over, but we can’t forget one of the most important events of the whole week…the Freshers Fayre! On Saturday 8th September, freshers will flock to the campus green to get a glimpse of the many societies we have here at Dundee. ‘So, what’s the best freshers advice?’ I hear you ask. […]

Sep 07

Year 1, Semester 1, Week 1!

Sunny blue sky, great weather and great people; all are which makes Dundee an ideal place for students to be! As a year 3 student this year, I have already been in classes for the past 3 weeks and trying to understand neurology. But enough about me, this week is all about the freshies and […]


Sep 05