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23 Questions With Caitlin Wallace

I’ve just realised that I’ve never properly introduced myself to the blog! So, inspired by Vogue’s 73 Question Series (if you’ve not watched the one with Kim Kardashian yet, you need to get on it it’s a laugh a minute) I thought I would share 23 tidbits about me! What are studying at Dundee? I’m […]

Mar 29

A New Chapter Begins: Moving into halls at the University of Dundee

As you embark on your exciting university journey, one crucial aspect to consider is moving into university accommodation. As this can be a somewhat stressful and daunting time, I have provided a couple of helpful tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition. Research and secure University of Dundee accommodation ASAP I cannot stress this […]

Jul 11

Budget-Friendly European Escapes for the summer break

Dreaming of exploring the wonder of Europe but worried about the cost? Fear not! There are several captivating destinations in Europe that offer incredible experiences without breaking the bank. Let me take you on a journey to my favourite European holiday destinations – Krakow, Budapest, Sofia, Berlin, and Prague. Krakow, Poland Krakow, a historic gem […]

Jul 11

Shotz Pool and Snooker Dundee

The perfect place to unwind and forget about those creeping deadlines doesn’t exist? Or does it? Let me introduce you to my favourite place – Shotz Sports Bar. This hidden gem is only a 5-minute walk from the main campus and has a multitude of fun activities that you and your friends can partake in […]

Jun 19

Shopping for groceries on a £25 budget

Hi guys. I wanted to show how I shop on a budget in Dundee.

Jun 16

Recipe for Chili Pasta Bake

Hi guys, I just wanted to share this quick recipe for Chili Pasta Bake. This takes 45 mins in total to make (30 min preparation and 15 min in the oven).

Jun 09

My favourite 10 things about the University of Dundee

1. The Liar The Liar is located on the first floor of DUSA, offering a range of drinks, snacks, and entertainment options. During the day, the venue is a quiet space where students and visitors alike can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, meet friends or colleagues, and sit down comfortably to study or work. […]

Jun 09

Exploring the best cafes for studying in Dundee: A student’s guide

The Flame Tree Café Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) Nestled near Dundee’s waterfront, The Flame Tree Café offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for studying. With its cosy seating arrangements and friendly staff, the café provides a quiet environment conducive to focused work. Additionally, the scenic views of Dundee’s waterfront can offer […]

Jun 09

My favourite places for a post-study late-night snack

McDonald’s Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) When the hunger pangs strike during the late hours, few places rival the convenience and popularity of McDonald’s. With its extended operating hours, diverse menu options, and quick service, McDonald’s has become a go-to destination for late-night snacking. With such a vast selection, you can customise any item to just the […]

Jun 08

NEC cards – what are they and how do I get one?

On January 31st 2022, a new bus scheme began for Scottish citizens under the age of 22. The free bus scheme comes through the National Entitlement Card (NEC) which you can apply for here. What is it? An NEC card is a few things! It is a valid form of identification in the UK, it […]

Apr 30

Answering 21 random questions because I turned 21!

I turned 21 two months ago so I decided to answer 21 super random questions I found online, because why not? Knitting! Seems really relaxing and interesting. I prefer half-full but it is usually half-empty. Biology + Math and yet here I am studying law hahah Hmm, maybe fly in the cockpit? Coffee!!! and maybe […]

Apr 30

10 songs for your exam playlist

I made this list with my favourite songs that usually get me through all of life’s lows, hopefully, they can cheer you up too (or just make you vibe I guess). Good luck with your exams/final week assignments!!! You got this.  Vibes are 10/10 with this one, so run to listen to it here.  2. Bejeweled […]

Apr 29

Self-care during and post-exam season

Some of you may have already begun taking your exams, others might still have a few days left, and some of you may not even have any! However, taking care of yourself is still something you need to keep in mind because exams can really take a toll on your mental and physical health. Here […]

Apr 29

Should I watch this? 5 Netflix shows to binge on after exams!

I have been binging so much content on Netflix because of exam stress that I decided I should share my favourites so you have something new (or old!) to (re)watch once you are done with your exams (or during to de-stress!). Enjoy! This one I have just begun after re-watching TBBT for the 4th time […]

Apr 28

3 easy and fast recipes for busy students!

I love cooking, but sometimes it is just impossible to cook because of how much time it takes. Over the years I have developed three easy but absolutely delicious recipes for when I am on the go or just busy with uni work/exams. Remember, food is meant to be sustenance for your body AND your […]

Apr 27

It’s almost a wrap!

After a long and extensive third year, it is that time of the year when we all can take a few deep breaths and cool down before the exams! The third year for me has been quite a roller coaster for many reasons! Right from having everything on campus to long theory sessions in the […]

Mar 31

Applied Bioinformatics – why and how?

Hello all, welcome to another blog exploring my module choice! Those who read my last blog on Practical Project B know that I took applied bioinformatics as my module for the D block of my third semester. In this blog, I want to talk about why you should take this module and give a few […]

Mar 29

Choosing practical project B??

After a theoretical first block, I chose a practical module for my D block. This module offers multiple practical projects, and depending on your degree routes, you are either provided with a plant science-based or biochemistry-based project. But if you already chose practical project A, then you will be given a bioinformatics-related project for this […]

Mar 28

Managing studying and work while at university

It is not always easy to manage going to university when you need to make money, especially during the cost of living crisis the UK is currently going through. When I first started working as a university student, my main concern was balancing my time between lectures and work, just as most students do too. […]

Feb 24

Third year – Information session conversation tips!

As we are already past the halfway mark for this semester and approaching the reading week, quite a few events were organised by some research groups at the University. These were specially arranged to share the prospective research areas for Honour’s Project for third-year students.  I attended two of these – one organised by MRC […]

Feb 18

Sea of opportunities!

University is a time of endless opportunities, often we students don’t realise how much is available to us and how many events, workshops or extra activities we can attend. As a transfer student (I have changed my course from Product Design to Environmental Science) I’ve decided for myself that I will jump at any opportunities […]

Feb 06

A visit to the Botanical Garden

A visit to the Botanical Garden As mentioned in my earlier blog on the James Hutton Institute, there are places in Dundee that encourage plant enthusiasts.  One such place is the Botanic Garden, curated by the University of Dundee. This place is not too far from the City Centre and easily accessible via Xplore Dundee’s […]

Feb 04

What is GEM? Should I enrol?

An undergraduate degree in Life Science here at Dundee is fuelled with many opportunities to undertake an Entrepreneurial perspective as part of the course. Some of these opportunities include the Scientific Enterprise –like optional modules you will encounter during your first and second year. But in addition to those modules, multiple masterclasses are organised by […]

Feb 01

73 Questions with a 3rd year law student

Inspired by the popular Vogue-style interview, I have gone ahead and prepared the questions (slightly adjusted) they have asked the UK’s most precious gem, Adele, to answer myself so you could get o know me a bit better! I am taking it one day at a time! I am trying to juggle my academics with […]

Feb 01