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The Art of Resilience.

The truth is fairly simple, life can be unequivocally messy. It can trap you in a corner and beat the best of us down with the deadly trappings of a series of unfortunate events. For some of us, it’s not enveloping circumstances, rather battling our own personal demons. Over the last few years as I’ve […]

Feb 19

From Struggles to Happiness

Self-reflection on challenges, riding bikes, living the dream.

Feb 18

Third-year Civil Engineering Laboratories

Civil engineers are normally thought to be designing structures, investigating site’s and even analyzing structures, however, we also have a considerable amount of lab work, we need to understand and use when designing structures. As Dundee has a great geo-mechanics department, I have had the opportunity to take part in two soil laboratories this semester […]

Feb 17

Manmade Marvels

Scotland contributed to the world some groundbreaking inventions. Watt’s steam engine, telephone, pedal bicycle, and television, to name a few. There are some grand engineering achievements here too, few of which we visited with the photographic society today.

Feb 10

Annual Ball Season

It’s that time of year again when the invites start flying out for Annual Ball celebrations! If you aren’t at university yet, or if you’re in first year, you might not be fully aware of what an Annual Ball includes, so it would make sense to clarify that first! Annual Balls are usually organised by […]

Feb 09

5 months in Singapore – University life

  Picking up where I last finished: starting classes at NUS halfway through August. Looking back this was probably the calmest part of the whole exchange. From the end of September onwards the weeks were a continuous blur of exams, traveling, visitors from home, more exams and more traveling. But let’s talk about the study […]

Feb 07

5 months in Singapore: The beginning

Writing this blog swaddled in my sleeping bag, which has become my best friend since returning to Dundee. Last semester I was in Singapore, and while I had great intentions of weekly blogging, going on an exchange tends to fill up your time pretty effectively. However, now that I’m back I thought it might be […]

Feb 05

The halfway mark – My regrets

My last post was on all things I was happy about and all the things I had been blessed to have been part of. But it would not be fair if I do not write about the bitter moments I have had in the past couple of years. None of these things have dampened my […]


Feb 01

Peeking out at the Outside World

The boys (and girls) at Westminster have still yet to come to a feasible agreement on Brexit. Our friends across the pond can’t seem to decide if building a wall will solve anything and we have officially got right into the second academic semester of the year (read: finals). What a time to be alive. […]

Jan 30

The halfway mark

The start of this semester means I am essential halfway through my course in University. Here is some context: I am doing my undergraduate Medical Degree in Dundee and it’s a 5-year course. I started in the September of 2016 and this is my 5th semester in University. I am almost done with my pre-clinical […]


Jan 29


Having fun while learning is the key to enjoy Uni.

Jan 27

Ambivalent Twenties

I moved several times as a child. Not because my parents are ambassadors on a mission to change the world. Up until I graduated from high school I had little stability in my life. Which had advantages, don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of anecdotes to tell my friends at parties.  Coming to the […]

Jan 27

Highlands Cryotherapy

Freezing worries and misery in the UK’s largest national park.

Jan 23

Travelling from Dundee

Dundee is only slightly out of the way when it comes to traveling. The airport offers a flight to London and a couple of remote Scottish airports on private planes. However, Edinburgh airport hosts tons of destinations with very competitive prices. Having got return tickets to Milan for £45.00 and Madrid for £75, it’s too […]

Jan 22

Week 1 – Let’s Get Organised

We’re back! Christmas is over, the New Year doesn’t feel so new anymore. It’s time to get organised for the semester before it’s too late! And week one is a perfect time to do it, with less work than any other time in the semester we’ve got plenty of free time to get ourselves sorted! […]

Jan 17

Off to a Good One!

New year, new semester, new me?

Jan 11

University of Dundee Halls: My Honest Opinion after almost 3 years of living in them!

I find my living space to be very important to my health and wellbeing and I know a lot of other people who feel the same. So, when coming to the university, the space that I am going to live in is one of the building blocks of the decision I make. As a student […]

Jan 09

A Careers Service: What’s the Benefit?

Upon coming to the university, I knew I wanted to gain as much experience as I could throughout the journey. I wanted these experiences to help me understand what I enjoy doing, develop my skills and make me more appealing to employers – if that was the route that I decided to take. Not long […]

Jan 09

The Sole Ranger

Loneliness. A hallow feeling that echoes as two solemn eyes stare out into the grey nights. It comes in waves, creeping and slithering through life. Enveloping every bone, striking to the core of our soul and devouring the dancing lights of festivities. Everyone experiences it; everyone sees it, however sometimes we fail to acknowledge it. […]

Dec 21

Exploring Beyond Dundee (Lake District)

I love being outdoors. The sun. The warmth (JK this is Scotland).  The stunning views.  Almost comparable to an evening in bed with Netflix and Domino’s. In all seriousness, the one significant drawback of medicine is that I wish I had more time to do things like that I really love and take a moment to […]

Dec 17

Shows of 2018 To Catch Up On

We all know the feeling of having weekly episodes of your tv show to watch but having to force yourself not to because you have studying to do, or an assessment due. Scrolling through your social media and having to flick past any spoilers because you are still a few episodes behind. Sticking your fingers […]

Dec 14