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23 Questions With Caitlin Wallace

I’ve just realised that I’ve never properly introduced myself to the blog! So, inspired by Vogue’s 73 Question Series (if you’ve not watched the one with Kim Kardashian yet, you need to get on it it’s a laugh a minute) I thought I would share 23 tidbits about me! What are studying at Dundee? I’m […]

Mar 29

N&V and Lay summary?

As a life science student, it is essential to know the feeling of not knowing and then realise the pitfalls along a learning process for that same concept that was once alien. This very feeling will eventually aid in communicating the idea with greater efficiency.  Similarly, it also reflects to a varying degree of complexity […]

Dec 07

Flu season – quick saviours

The past few weeks have been all about season change accompanied by the flu! So in this blog, I would like to share a few recipes that will go well with the flu and exam panic!!! Mint-honey tea Ingredients: Fresh mint leaves, lemon slices, ginger, honey, water, and tea leaves. Method: Wash 5-6 mint leaves and add […]

Dec 07

My study playlist!

Since exam season is upon us, I have decided to share the top 20 songs that are in my study playlist. They all have a mostly calm chill vibe so it might be worth listening to a few and maybe adding them to your own playlist. Happy studying and best of results to all of […]

Dec 07

Free period products! A guide to getting some for you or a menstruating friend

I think the most exciting thing that has happened in my time in Scotland was when the Government announced the free period product initiative. But what does it really mean? It means that public spaces, such as public libraries, city council buildings and others have to provide menstruation products to their citizens. Currently, you can […]

Dec 06

My 2023 resolutions!

As this year comes to an end, we all begin to wonder what the next year will look like. If you need a bit of inspiration on how your new year can look a little different than the last, look no further! Here is my list of 2023 resolutions: Hopefully these ideas help you figure […]

Dec 05

Main Library: Friend or Foe?

I don’t know about you, but I came to UoD during 2020, when Covid was at its peak and we kept having lockdown after lockdown. Well, back then the library was always empty, calm, clean and you could actually get some work done without the people giggling at the quiet study watching a football match […]

Dec 03

My all-time favourite TV shows

Today I decided to talk about my all-time favourite TV shows and my favourite characters in them! Gossip Girl is a timeless classic for those who like to pretend we could fit in with the New York’s elite. From the beautiful designer clothes featured, to the plot twists we can only read about in Wattpad […]

Nov 26

Societies I am a part of and what they do!

This year I took a leap of faith and became part of three(!) society committees. I love creating posts and ads for platforms so all three roles are Social Media focused. I want to spread the word out about them and maybe if you’re interested you join us for a fun year! Route2 is a […]

Nov 26

Don’t Worry Darling: My review

When I bought tickets to watch DWD, all I knew was this: Harry Styles was in it Olivia Wilde is his girlfriend I went in fully unaware of what the movie was about or even the genre. Had you asked me before I watched it, I would have sworn it’s a romantic comedy of sorts. […]

Nov 25

Time blocking: Do’s and Don’ts for success:

Time blocking is something that I have implemented throughout the last year and has kept me on track better than any agenda or to-do list. There are some tips for a time block for success that I want to share with you if you are considering it.  Make your list in the order of what […]

Nov 20

How to get back on track after reading week:

It’s easy to get off track after reading week, but with only four more weeks in the term until exam week, it’s important more now than ever to make sure we have a set routine. First, SLEEP. A sleep schedule is paramount to being able to come to finals successfully. From someone notorious for working […]

Nov 20

Research proposal tips!! (UG version)

Among the many learning curves that come with mastering new skills in the life of a UG Life science student, one of them is that of learning to write a research proposal. Although it sounds challenging from the beginning, it is just like learning to interpret a research paper – it can only improve with […]

Nov 12

Series I have binge watched this semester

Hiya! I am back and ready to inspire your binge-watching with my very own list of series I have procrastinated with this semester. I recently gained access to my very own Disney+ account (thank you O2 <3) and so I really took full advantage of it. From Disney+ shows I have watched: Black-is – 10/10 […]

Nov 12

Time management reminders!!!!

The start of” the third year” has been all-consuming for many of us, and now that we are halfway through, I am sure most of us have accepted and adapted according to the academic demands. And yet, in this juggling that we all are going through, I want to remind you to tap into your […]

Nov 05

Student Ambassador?

After a long summer break, it is good to be back; and this time, not just virtually but, in fact, face to face! Before the start of the academic year, we had good Open Days in August and September. During one of the Open days, I had the opportunity to be the student ambassador and […]

Oct 09

Elements to consider as an international student- Part 2: Arrival & Transportation

Settling into a new environment will take time, especially if you are moving internationally as I did this past year. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the transition to settling less stressful. Most importantly,  make sure you know what your address is for your accommodation and your postal code, and […]

Sep 16

My tips for freshers moving to university [part 2]

Continuing on the theme of tips for moving to university, here are some more of my key tips. Remember that preparation is key to a smooth transition to university. The most important skill that you can build on before moving to university is your ability to cook. Cooking is such an important skill to have […]

Sep 01

Elements to consider as an International Student: Part 1

Moving to another city for university can be daunting, let alone across the world. Through the process of uprooting my life in Canada and making the great decision to attend the accelerated LLB program at the University of Dundee, I learned many things along the way. Many of which, I did not even imagine. There […]

Aug 31

How to prep yourself for the upcoming school year:

As the summer is beginning to wind down and the upcoming semester is quickly approaching, there are some things to consider to try and make your semester as successful as possible. Once timetables are released, I suggest purchasing an agenda to keep track of all your due dates, readings, seminars, and daily to-do’s. Or opt […]

Aug 15

Navigating Results Day Nerves, Clearing and Accepting an Offer!

In the run-up to A Level Results Day, I have been thinking back to when I was a prospective student, filled with anxiety about my grades and where I would end up studying in the next few months. I am sure that some of you reading this are feeling the same, so I wanted to […]

Aug 10

My tips for freshers moving to university [part 1]:

As we approach the middle of the summer holidays, with exam results looming, the thought of getting prepared to move to university can be daunting for many. So, I will be sharing some tips and advice for you ‘freshers’ who will be making that jump to university and leaving home. It is a significant change […]

Jul 11

Elements of Consideration: UCAS offers

Deciding on which school to choose for your education can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you receive acceptance letters from your top five choices. But there are a few things that can be beneficial to consider when making your final choice. Look at the university and program reviews online. Most universities have student satisfaction […]

May 18