My first post as a student blogger for Dundee University!

  • 7 August 2012, 08:29

Hi! My name is Rosalind and I am about to start the 7 year Architecture MArch course. I grew up locally; just across the Tay, in Fife. I first moved to Dundee in 2009 in pursuit of a dance career by starting my studies at The Scottish School Of Contemporary Dance. That transition from living with my parents in the middle of nowhere to the centre of a city, very close to the main nightlife areas was wonderful for me. I felt very free and independant, but still had the safety of having known Dundee for a long time and living less than an hour from my parents (not that I visited them very often!). Living in the Old Mill, I made friends easily with my flatmates, despite a couple of awkward weeks when I was still very shy.

Now I am living in a house which I am renting a room in. It is lovely not to be in a flat anymore, it feels more homely. I do however recommend to anyone looking for somewhere to live in general that high ceilings and uncarpeted floors make for cold living conditions!

I am very excited and slightly nervous for starting Architecture. I have never really done anything architectural more than a few drawings of buildings!
I feel more confident about my lack of experience because I have never heard of a school level architecture course, and that the course leaders must have thought I would be capable, as they saw my portfolio.
Another thing that worries me about starting is that I do not yet have a books or materials list (which my friend who is starting the general Art and Design course has already received). I am the kind of person who likes to be organised and prepared well in advance and the fact that I am unable to prepare myself as well as I would like can be slightly stressful.
That said, I have been preparing myself to some extent. I attended a public architecture lecture at the university about a month ago, now which was interesting. I had never been to a lecture before, so I think it was a good experience. I also managed to get some relevant books on gumtree which I have been reading. I am enjoying them, which encourages me that I definitely have a strong interest in my chosen subject!
For those of you that don’t know, “gumtree” is a very useful website that is specific to your area. You can buy and sell, find a flat to rent or even a job. It is completely free to use and there are usually a lot of adverts up. The downside is that it does not guarantee anything and there can be some ads that look a bit untrustworthy.

My ambition at present is to complete the course ahead of me, enjoying it and working as much as I can. I want to have both of my full year placements in London and get a job down there when I have completed my course. So far I have found myself most interested in the concept of designing purpose-built buildings, such as care homes which actively discourage disorientation and the progression of illness for the elderly. I would, however like to pursue general architecture for public and private buildings initially.

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