Journey to the Centre of Ikea

Yes, I am afraid I’m posting again already! I think I may also have promised a guide to looking at universities as my second post, but I got back from Ikea today doing shopping for halls! (And it’s my blog so you all must indulge MY WHIMS). Plus, those are really long posts, so I’m going to alternate it with this so you don’t fall into a boredom induced coma.

Now, a word of advice to those (likely in the minority) who have never had the… experience of a shop at Ikea. With the exception of some colossal supermarkets in France, Ikea is one of the biggest shops I have encountered. It’s the kind of place you need to enter not only with a time limit and a carefully controlled plan of attack, but a rope tied around your waist and someone waiting outside to pull you out when you’ve been in there too long. You could probably survive for several weeks in there on meatballs and reasonably priced furniture.

I am very lucky in that I have a large network of family friends who are all enthusiastic about buying me things for uni, but I still had to get a few things, and Ikea is SUPER CHEAP. There’s tonnes of crockery and utensils – all pretty good quality – that you can buy for pennies. Dundee residences have a big giveaway of old stuff that previous students left behind, and there’s apparently lots given away free at freshers, but I wanted to get some stuff beforehand. I got a set of pots and pans from my aunt, bedding, coat hangers, utensils and plates, which I’m very chuffed about. Apparently plastic plates are probably a better idea than earthen/stoneware, which I’m a wee bit worried about, but at 80p a plate if I break one it’s not deadly.

Apparently lots of other students were thinking the same about Ikea, because I saw loads of other shoppers clearly getting stuff for halls. My mum and I even got chatting to a girl who is not only going to Dundee, but is in the same residence block as me!

Another good place to buy stuff is in charity shops; my local one always has tonnes of mugs and dinner sets, all very inexpensive. Supermarket’s own ranges also have lots of good ranges for students, and there’s probably some sites on the Internet too. I still have lots to get (stationery being the main issue), so I’ll maybe post about that once I’ve finished. It was kind of exciting, doing getting the things for halls – it’s nice going crazy buying new things, but it was also weird thinking that this is all for my first time living away from home. Scary, but I’m looking forward to it too.

Anyway, I need to go argue the finer points of female representation on tumblr, so I’ll cut this off here! Will put up the guide to open days and considering universities in a few days. 🙂




(P.S. someone commented on my last post asking for my facebook, and while I am very happy meeting new people, I’m not so keen on adding people I don’t know – it’s just an issue of safety. If you’re a Dundee student, however, I can be found in some of the Dundee groups if you look hard enough.)

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