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  • 17 August 2012, 06:07

I have recently managed to get a job at a shop in town.So I thought I’d share a bit about what it’s like to look for work here, and how I am finding my job so far.

It is not easy to get work in Dundee. The best and most reliable way of getting work here would be if you could get a transfer from your current job (if applicable). For those of you who don’t know, this usually works in large chains such as supermarkets and fast food restaurants, when there is a branch in Dundee with a vacancy. If you have had a lot of relevant experience when you come to Dundee, then that will help you with your potential job search but do not necessarily expect to find work quickly. Of course you could get lucky but in most cases, there is a lot of demand for jobs in Dundee. I know a fair amount of people who travel to St Andrews or other nearby towns for their work simply because there are too many people and not enough jobs in Dundee in general.
Before I got the job I am at now, I had not had any retail or bar experience. I have taught dance for a good number of years but most businesses seem to disregard that, so I essentially became someone with nothing to my name in their eyes.

It is possible to get work without experience. I did manage it eventually, and I didn’t even have to settle for cleaning toilets in nightclubs (which I was hoping to avoid)! My best advice to anyone in my position, or even anyone with experience who is having problems finding somewhere to work, would be to stay positive, apply to as much as you can (obviously not vacancies that you are not qualified for) and do your best for each interview. Just make sure that you stay realistic and don’t get upset when people don’t get back to you or reject your application, just transfer your energy to the next job.

Having said that, my interview for my current job seemed pretty basic. I have never had an interview like it; they asked me for my availability and what department I would feel most comfortable in and then offered me the job! The reasoning behind this I can only think is that perhaps availability is most important to them, as well as the general impression in the interview, and perhaps they wanted to hire people quickly. There was an online element preceding the interview, so maybe that covered everything else, for them.

So far I have worked two 4 hour shifts. It can be quite busy and when it’s not I must keep busy with other tasks. My colleagues are friendly and very helpful if I am unsure of something. I think that that makes all the difference. If they were unapproachable or unwilling to help, I am sure I would be doing quite badly as I would probably be on edge and start making careless mistakes. Not that I haven’t made mistakes, I have. Most of them were on my first day, but I believe that I was much better by the second. After all, you can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t make any.

I do not yet know when I am next working, but hopefully I will improve further and they will want to keep me on!

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