Getting close now!


In the words of Gomez Addams, ‘I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling sad’. Also terrified, worried and, yes, excited. Happy because I’m getting everything organised and I might actually be ready for going soon, but sad because this is the last week I’m going to be able to see my boyfriend for a few months. Terrified because I still have no idea whether I’ll sink or swim with my coursework, and excited because it’s something I’ve never done before and it sounds like one hell of a trip.

I have pretty much everything I need (and some more besides) for life in halls, and have even started organising what clothes I’m taking (hint: plenty of stompy boots and military inspired jackets). My dining room is packed full of bedding, pots, pans and coat hangers which I’ve been accruing over the past months in sales and in Ikea, as well as stuff my mum has suddenly produced which I had no idea she had acquired (???). A lot of it (including the books seen in the picture below) was donated or bought for me by neighbours, family and friends – some of it really good stuff – and the end result is that I’m a little worried I’ll have too much stuff! Dundee is only an hour and a bit up the road from Glasgow, though, so it isn’t too much of trek to take stuff home or up to Dundee if I’ve forgotten/don’t need it. It’s really weird thinking I’m nearly ready to go now.

I’ve also got loads of stuff in the mail, including my fresher’s packs! I noticed that another of the student bloggers has a post up about the DUSA fresher’s pack, so I won’t bore you with the same thing. 😛 In a shortened description, after reading the booklet I love how there’s so many ways to get involved with DUSA, Dundee’s student association (I’m half thinking of looking into doing something in it myself!), and all the different venues, though I am somewhat saddened that there isn’t more events catering to those with rock/alternative tastes during freshers. Frankie Cocozza and Made in Chelsea are both on in the one night, which sounds like an unholy combo. Still, the Ibiza Rocks beach party in Floor 5 looks good, and there’s a 50s and 60s night called Shake with a decent playlist. My number one union night I’m holding out for, however, is Floor 5’s Distorted, which is full of all the rock and metal music goodness I could want (though I might still request some Siousxie Sioux).

I got the DUMS fresher’s guide in the post just after I got back from holiday, and I think I can safely say that the stereotype of medical students partying hard definitely has some basis in fact.

All of the posts from the students are in excellent good humour and don’t take themselves too seriously, and assure the reader that even as a medical student, you certainly still do get a social life. It also contains lots of useful information on places to eat and study, as well as transport links and details on DUMS membership. One of the things I really love about DUMS, however, is the parenting scheme – as a fresher, you get paired up with two medical students in upper years who are your ‘parents’, and will give you plenty of advice and someone to talk to if you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed. You meet them at the DUMS fresher’s fair (DUMS has it’s own fresher’s fair, presumably because the sheer quantity of medical societies couldn’t fit into the official one), and then it’s on to the first medical school event of the year; SHOT-O-MANIA. This, from the sound of it, is basically a baptism of fire (or vodka/whatever other drinks your medic parents order you to chug down) and a massive excuse to go get hammered, which sounds good to me! On the events calendar there’s also the fresher’s ball, and Gaudie Night, where your ‘parents’ treat you to a night out, but only if you do everything they tell you to – the child is able to get revenge on Raisin Monday, which is probably only fair by guesswork. 😛

There’s a tonne of medical related societies listed in the guide to, which I might blog about after the fair, and also a book list – DUMS promises to beat all other prices on the recommended books, and I ordered some of the most highly recommended (by students online) so they’re there when I arrive.


Now, it’s half two in the morning, so I think I should probably leave it there. Will post soon!





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