Local Students Welcome Night – My First Event As A Student At Dundee

  • 29 August 2012, 01:04

Tonight, I was invited to a Welcome Night for locally based students, which I attended with a friend of mine that I met at college last year. It was pretty good. I was expecting everyone to be standing in the foyer and be welcomed briefly. Then I thought we would be standing around awkwardly with some crisps.

That’s not what happened.

When we arrived, we were shown into a lecture theatre. There we were welcomed and given some general information about university life and the upcoming Welcome Week.

We were encouraged to pick up a copy of the Welcome 2012/13 booklet and Welcome Week Programme ’12 (as pictured). They mentioned that not all events would be in the Welcome Week Programme, and so we were referred to this page for any extra information that we needed.

After various introductions from different people, we were to play “people bingo” and have refreshments. This, I enjoyed. Dundee University is good at organising snacks! I first discovered this when I went to my boyfriend’s graduation at the start of this summer. As an Applied Computing graduate, we were able to go to the Computing building’s exclusive reception. They served beer, Indian snacks and better bubbly than at the general graduation reception, among other things.
Following on from this experience, the snacks at the Welcome Night were very good. There were mini sandwiches, prawns, a selection of Indian snacks, a lot of olives, general aperitifs, but most importantly, Twiglets! I have not had Twiglets in a good while! I don’t even remember the last time that I had any.
Anyway, very enjoyable!

“People Bingo” if you have never played it, involves going around a room full of people with a sheet of characteristics that you must find different people to assign to. I actually quite enjoyed this. If I had not been there with my friend, I would no doubt have been too shy and would probably have left early. But with the confidence that I gained from knowing one person boosted me to be able to approach people, questioning them as to whether they could fit in to my bingo card. I call it a bingo card, but there was no prize and we did not have to shout bingo!

The different boxes we had to fill ranged from “Is wearing red” and “Ate breakfast today” to “Was born in the same month as you” and “Exercises more than 3 times a week”. In this way, we were given easy conversation starters and with most people, we talked for longer.  I managed to meet 3 people who will be starting the Architecture course with me, which was good! This means that next week when we must start attending more welcome activities etc, I will have met people in my class and so can feel more relaxed.

The whole experience was relaxed and positive. I would recommend attending any welcome meetings that you get invited to, like this. They are worth giving up an hour or two for!


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