Preparing for Architecture

  • 30 August 2012, 03:32

I would like to start by apologising to everyone who is not interested in architecture. Perhaps this is not the post for you to read! To the rest of you, I hope that this is helpful!

Today I bought some materials for my course.

My total purchases of the day were: An A3 cutting mat (The Works), 4 (sized 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm) black fibre-tipped pens (Hobbycraft), A4 hardback sketchbook (Hobbycraft), Zebra mechanical pencils (WH Smith) and a metal non-slip 30cm ruler (WH Smith).

Just a note on the mechanical pencils. I am not a fan of this type of pencil (perhaps I will become one but at present, I am more in favour of the more traditional pencils), however the Zebra “Z-grip” pencils that I bought seem nicer to use than the average ones that you use at primary school! I am sure there will be other good brands but I thought that I would share this positive experience for anyone else who isn’t so keen.

I did some online shopping for the books that we were told would be essential.
These were:

  1. Tony Hunt’s Structures Notebook by Tony Hunt
  2. The Story of Architecture by Patrick Nuttgens
  3. Materials, Form and Architecture by Richard Weston
  4. Modern Architecture: A Critical History by Kenneth Frampton

Two of these have already been shipped from Amazon! I am excited.

I would like to give you the full book and materials list (the rest of the booklist is not essential, just recommended), but I don’t want to take up too much space. Therefore you can download it here if you so wish. I know that I would have appreciated this knowledge earlier than I received it. Please, however take into consideration that this list is for the academic year starting in 2012 and may change in the future.

Here is a picture of the things that I already have. These are: A T-Square, 5 books, some fluffy green tree stuff for modelling and drawing pins!

The books that I have read the most are Materials For Architectural Design by Victoria Ballard Bell with Patrick Rand, 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School by Matthew Frederick and Analysing Architecture by Simon Unwin.
I have been enjoying all three, very much. “101 Things…” is very light and easy to read if you are not really in the mood but has also taught me things that I haven’t found in other books so far. I find it pretty exciting as it is laid out as a thing per page, so to speak, which I love as it is concise.
“Materials For Architectural Design” is very exciting. It has sections explaining various materials, their uses and examples of work incorporating each material. I have found this completely fascinating and I look forward to reading more of it.
“Analysing Architecture” makes me so happy! It is a very well written book, and the one that I am currently dedicating the majority of my reading time to. There is a lot inside this book. All of it (that I have read) is very interesting and keeps you hooked. I would definitely recommend getting this book.

Just a note on “Architecture: Form, Space & Order” by Francis D. K. Ching. I believe this is possibly the same book as listed in the optional and recommended section of the book list, but I originally found it as I asked an ex-architect who was a friend of my parents’ for advice on good books. He informed me that this book is one that he has referred to regularly throughout his years of learning and working.

On a different but related topic, if you are interested in reading any architecture blogs, here is a list of the ones that I have been visiting the most.

This shows the testing of the various pens and pencil that I bought today, so you can get an idea of what they are like. My favourite is the 0.1mm pen

Just to return to my earlier purchases, I decided to test out the pens and pencil, as shown above. I am looking forward to using these for architectural purposes.

Hopefully this post has helped you and/or interested you. Most people that I get excited about my architecture goodies to don’t quite understand my enthusiasm!

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    2 Responses to “Preparing for Architecture”

    1. Cool blog! Takes me back! For me it was always a new set of Rotring pens. Never lasted more than 1 project (delicate). When you get tired you drop pens.

      Good luck with your studies & thanks for the shout out for although it’s quite ridiculous to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the other 3 blogs, which are truly great. Read them first!

      • Thank you so much! Yeah I get so clumsy when I’m tired!

        Thanks, I’m really looking forward to starting, and no problem! I do love your blog though and I read all of them about the same amount!

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