Arrival Weekend

Hi guys – safe to say it’s been a busy few days! I arrived in Dundee about midday yesterday, and I’m still getting everything unpacked and organised. Five out of six of my flatmates have arrived, and everyone is really nice and friendly.

I spent friday packing, which was kind of sad – I was feeling a bit mixed about going, wasn’t sure how I’d cope and was already missing the boyfriend. Saturday morning, however, I was fine and kind of excited to start. Glasgow is only about an hour and a bit from Dundee, so I stuffed everything in car (resulting in barely any room for me to get in), and we headed up.

When I arrived I went straight to the accommodation services and got my keys, then fetched some stuff from the car and took it up to my flat. The uni accommodation is amazing in Dundee, and the flat I’m in is new and really comfy (though it was still a little odd staying in a room that wasn’t mine). I can’t get a photo of it right now, but in the next post I’ll try to!

After I got unpacked (I thought – and still do – that I took far too much stuff, but some people had open backed vans, so I wasn’t the worst), the room was looking a bit more homely and I went out for lunch with the parents at the union, before picking up some tupperware and free stationery at the Chaplaincy Centre. Once my mum and dad had left (little bit teary!), I headed back and met some of my flatmates – who are all really decent, just in case they end up reading this. 😛

I ended up going to the first club night in Mono, ShaM-pU, with them – the music wasn’t really to my taste, being mainly dance and plain beats, but it was good getting to relax and enjoy a night out with some new people.

I’ll post another blog just soon, and possibly try and get a decent picture of myself for the sidebar, but I’ll be a bit busy over the next week, so until then – bye!



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