Oh Man! :)

Oh man oh man 😀 !!

first 5 minutes I’ve had since arriving!

Soo met my flat mates, except one that hasn’t arrived yet. All girls flat, top floor.
Will upload a photo! But everything’s kind of on the floor at the minute. The girls are great! Went to Mono at the student union last night, had a hilarious time…I’ve been told! And the Facebook evidence shows! Cringe lol.

Managed to get to the Welcome today in town. They played some inspiring music and made jokes, then I went and got a steak bake and a donut. 🙂

Also had the welcome for my course today, General foundation art & design. So many students though! I can’t believe I’m going to know most of them by the end of the year. Saw a lot of people that I’d added on Facebook before arriving as well which is weird because you’ve met them online and it’s like you know them but you don’t, so when you actually meet in person it’s like ahh lol.

Went to a pre drinks flat party at the flat below ours as well last night, and was made to do an awkward cherry brandy shot for my cheek apparently! 😀 where I also met a girl i’d added on facebook but couldn’t remember adding her but she knew my full name and everything lol I was like no I ant remember you :/ awkward.

So yeh, overall busy blurry couple of days that already feels like 2 weeks and I’ve already met about a hundred people and forgot all their names.

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