Feelings about starting University…

Freshers’ Week has begun!

The last time I was a Fresher I partied almost every night, stayed up late chatting to my new flat mates and spent the mornings nursing hangovers and attempting to remove my make-up from the night before.   This time things couldn’t be more different.  For a start I haven’t been to the student union yet and I haven’t got any new flatmates.  I remember how exciting things were the first time round and I really enjoyed the experience, but it feels really different this time.  I think that living in halls is a brilliant way to meet new people and make friends so I would strongly recommend it!  I suppose I’m just feeling a bit apprehensive that I might get left out!  It’s also quite odd to be going back into University when all your friends have graduated, are working and seem to be moving onwards.

Saying that I’m glad to be going back and I know it will be worth it.  Plus, I’m sure I’ll meet new people about and I’m feeling confident!  I’ve decided to start a society and I’ve emailed DUSA…

I’ve practised baton twirling for quite a number of years, and I’ve always enjoyed learning new techniques and putting together routines.  I brought my batons up to Dundee to mess about with a few years ago and realised how much I miss being part of a team.  I went along to two local groups, but both were a bit too expensive and quite far to travel.  I haven’t had the confidence to set up a society before, but now I really don’t know what I was worried about.  My friends have been super supportive, DUSA have been helpful and the forms seem really straight forward.  I think my biggest fear would be that nobody would want to join a baton society, but so far I have a few definites and quite a few maybes!  My boyfriend has even promised to join (although I suspect this is just moral support!).

I like sports and I’ve decided that this year I’ll be trying out some new things.  During my first degree I did karate and skydiving.  Skydiving was a brilliant rush, but unfortunately weather-dependent, so not the best thing to do in Scotland!  I’ll definitely be rejoining the dundee karate club, because I know they have an excellent instructor and I really enjoy the self-defence and kata.  Other than karate I think I’ll just pop along to whatever takes my fancy!  I might try swimming, netball, climbing, dance, skiing…

So at the moment I’m feeling pretty mixed up; nervous, apprehensive, excited, reminiscent… but mostly VERY HAPPY!


PS trying to upload pics but slight technical problems…! hopefully will update soon!

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