First Few Days

  • 4 September 2012, 07:34

The start of Welcome Week has been good!

On Monday, was the Welcome To Architecture lecture. At this, the head of first year, Cameron Wilson gave a brief (ish) overview of the years ahead.
He also confirmed timings for various events over the coming week.

I bought myself a diary to put all the information I got on Monday into. I also got a pen for it. I like to have a pen specifically for my diary! I did make a slight mistake with the pen as I chose a gel pen, which shows through the thin diary pages. But I have started with this pen and I intent to keep using it!

Bright green slim diary from WH Smith!

Today (Tuesday), we had an induction to the CAD IT suite. This was pretty exciting! Well, the content itself was about what we were and were not allowed to do in the CAD suite – just common sense things like no messy food, distracting people etc. The experience for me, though was more than that, as this is where we would have classes to learn CAD.
I have tried Google SketchUp once in the past and didn’t do very well at all! My excuse for this is that I didn’t have long to try and learn it all by myself! Since then, I have slightly avoided it. I probably should have been trying to learn more but it is kind of depressing and hopefully I will find learning AutoCAD and any other programs that we will be taught easier as I will have someone to turn to when I don’t understand something!

Computer in the CAD suite

Today, I also went to the Info Hub outside the Union, where I picked up a large version of the campus map (also available online) and a Sports Union Handbook.

I have picked out the following sport clubs that I want to find out more about at the sports fair on Friday: dance, sailing, and tennis. I have done all three of these before to different extents, so I would feel better about joining them as I have some knowledge!

Tomorrow’s events are… (excuse me as I check my new diary)
Filling out matriculation forms in the morning and then a School of Environment Welcome Event at 3om.
I am looking forward to tomorrow as then a lot will be done and we will be closer to being properly on the system so that we can get timetables and consequently start learning architecture!

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