Room photos and quick update

Sorry it’s been a while since I last updated – freshers week has been a bit hectic, and my lectures have started now, so I’m still kept busy! The best thing to do is apparently to write them up on the night you get them, which has proved far more difficult and time consuming than I had realised. Still, my recent lectures have been very interesting, and I’m going to do a larger post on some of the different classes I’m having soon. In addition, I hope to have up a few (brief) words of advice on personal statement writing, as this is really important in applying to university.

I did promise some photos in my last post, and here they are. Although my room was a bit bare to begin with, you can see from the middle photo I’ve definitely made it my own!

Aside from lectures starting, there’s a few other things that have happened –

I only just got back from fencing, and one could probably tell it from how exhausted and sweaty I am! Although the night didn’t start great, as I was terribly rusty and (disaster) my foil broke, I gradually remembered the positions and even won a few matches. I’ve been fencing in a club for kids and teens for the past four years, the last of which was primarily coaching, and as a result it felt really good getting to fence more competitively again. I wasn’t able to go for drinks at a bar afterwards, due to a) being under 18, and b) having an anatomy test tomorrow which I need to revise for.

Meeting my medic family
I’m not going to go too in depth on this, as I haven’t had raisin monday yet, but Dundee has a parenting scheme going on in medicine, where two students from upper years become your medic ‘parents’, taking you out on a few DUMS nights out and linking you to their year. I just had ‘Gaudie Night’ with them, which I may dedicate a post to in it’s own right, as it was an insane night out! The next event is the fresher’s ball tomorrow, which gives everyone a chance to get their glad rags out and have a massive ceilidh. I’ll attempt to post pictures of that too, and I’ll be able to finally get a profile picture up from that as well.

Fresher’s Fair
This is the event where all the societies come together and try and persuade you to join them, and it probably worked, as I’ve joined more than I have time for! To name but a few, I joined the A.R.T. Society, the Film Society, some medical societies and the ice skating society, though I’ll have to judge how much time I have for them as the course goes on.


I will attempt to get a post in this weekend on personal statement writing (as I know the early applicant deadline is coming up soon), but please forgive me if I don’t – it’s still crazily busy right now!



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