Workshop Induction

  • 13 September 2012, 06:00

It’s only Tuesday, and I feel like I’ve been at Uni for ages! Yesterday we went to the beach for a project that we will have to finish off and present on A1 card in our own time for our portfolio and today we were given an “inspiring places” project. So far, it is awesome and I am loving every minute.

Anyway, what I really want to write about today is the workshop induction that I had today.
I was in the first group of people to get this, which meant we didn’t quite know what it would involve.

We were taken around the design workshop and shown the various machines and given all the relevant safety information.  We were sufficiently scared by the concept of sanding off your fingertips and drilling your arm (well I was) so that we would use all the machines carefully!

The machines that we were taught to use properly today were the band saws, sanders and drills. We were then tasked with making a box with a hole in the top to practice using everything for ourselves.

The last time I did any woodwork was in second year of high school! So about 6 years ago. I therefore felt slightly daunted at the prospect of making a box with all of these new ways of doing things (I seem to remember design and tech. in school being limited to mainly handheld tools)! My first and worst mistake was not making the gaps between the pieces of wood that I needed to cut wide enough. When I cut it with the band saw, the blade seemed to cut in a different place than I had anticipated meaning that it went right up against the line of the next section and wasn’t very straight.
So when I sanded down the edges, all I could do was try my best to even out my horrible mistakes.
After glueing and leaving it to set for 20 minutes, we were able to sand down the uneven edges; I don’t know about other people’s boxes but mine definitely needed a lot of sanding! When it was finished it was ok. I am quite happy with it but only because I made it, but it’s still pretty squint which is upsetting!

Anyway, here’s a picture!

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