First weeks of term!

Oh wow.

Two weeks in, have already taken part in a group presentation, listened to hours (and hours) of lectures and I’ve almost used up an entire A4 notepad…

The good news:  Lectures have been excellent, there is quite a bit of work but I’m finding everything so interesting!  Also getting to know people has been fun, everyone chats and I’ve met some really nice people.  I went to karate and wasn’t disappointed, and I also took part in a trauma afternoon which was a really good experience.  I’ve managed to keep relatively organised and haven’t yet lost my keys!

The bad news:  Caught flu (well ok, probably just a cold), but had to miss the Freshers’ Ball – frustrating as I paid for a ticket which included a 3 course meal, and then heard how great it was the following week!  I also missed a job interview… and didn’t get the job for an interview I did manage to go to.  Alas.

Overall, I planned to do so much in the first few weeks that I haven’t followed through with – societies, sports, volunteering, social, etc… But I have managed to attend all the important things (aka lectures and lab work) and I’ve enjoyed myself, so I would say things were pretty good.  Medicine is quite a long course, and I’m sure there will be other opportunities over the next five years.

For now, focussing on keeping up with the work.  Next week I’m hoping to start using my new gym membership, will see how it goes!

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