• 25 September 2012, 12:00

I have named this post “Studio” as I have spent most of my life there for the past week! It feels like longer but yes it is only the start of week 3 now!

We are on our third project, one that is 3 weeks long rather than 1 day and 4 days as the first two were. This is a group project for analysing a house already built. In our teams of 3 (our team is reduced to 2 due to unfortunate circumstances – don’t worry nothing morbid I just didn’t want to divulge too much information!) we are given a house to find out everything about, make plans, sections, elevations and models.
This is very interesting but pretty difficult to work fast enough as everything is so new for me; I have not done technical drawing like this… ever. Unless you count Design and Technology in 2nd year of high school. I only seem to remember them telling us how to put shadows on cylinders so I doubt if that is relevant. I have also never made architectural models. The closest I have gotten before is paper aeroplanes (which I am not good at) and clay modelling. So with that fantastic range of experience you can see how I might be worrying slightly about the results of my efforts!

On the plus side, today we managed to get a fair amount done and I feel like I am learning a lot in a short time which is awesome and however frustrated I get with my novice skills, I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

The start of my first model that I am making.


We have been having a good variety of different lectures.These mostly take place on Thursdays. I like our lecturers, Charles and Neil as they are very interesting and engaging. The subject matter is also fascinating and there is so much that I want to look further into but I haven’t yet had the time.
We also have a CAD (Computer Aided Design) class run by Richie. He is also very helpful and I love this class. I have tried practising basics at home and I intend to keep going with this as CAD is a very important method of communication for architects at the moment.

The one class that I can’t say that I have very much enthusiasm for is “communications”. I have done a similar module on my dance course where we had to waste time doing an essay that was a lower standard than when I was in S3. I hope that this module is more interesting as I do love to write and I do not enjoy substandard essays. I’m not saying that I am an amazing writer, just that I know how to write and if this module has nothing to offer me then I will probably find it pretty boring. The lecturer for it did mention that we would be looking at an architect we had not heard of before so perhaps there is hope, content-wise!

In any case, I will aim to keep updating you regularly.


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