Fresher’s Week summary and a quick update

Hi everyone! I’d have had this up on monday or tuesday, but this weekend I was back with my family to have a end-of-chemo party for a friend, and didn’t get much work done because the internet was down – I suffered for it this week. 😛 It was nice going home, though – I loved seeing everyone again, and as a bonus didn’t have to do my washing (the washing machine is the only aspect of living away from home that terrifies me; I will work up the courage to launder everything at some point).

Unfortunately, there are only one or two photos of me from the medic fresher’s ball (which was a lot of fun – I met people on the course I had no idea were in the year and danced my way to blisters the next day – I even won a goody bag to show for it), and most of them aren’t particularly good photos of me – possibly because my medic mum took most of them, and she has a talent for catching me at my worst. 😛 I was at Geeks and Goths last night, however (whether it’s okay to dress up as someone’s way of life is debatable, but it was a good night, and I did meet a few goth types!), so I could use one of the ridiculous ones of those once I’ve vetted them!

Anyway, a while back I promised a kind of brief coverage of what went on during freshers; it’s been so busy starting Uni that I’ve not really had a chance. But, now that I’m trying to get some of my to do list sorted, I have nothing else to do but bore you all to death, so onwards it is!

A lot of people told me freshers week is the best week of your university career – that you’ll make scores of friends, party your socks off and won’t even remember the week you had so much fun. The truth is that freshers week is different for everyone – a lot of people had the time of their lives, whereas for others it was a bit of a let down. I certainly enjoyed it, but there were some things different to what I expected.

First off, there was SO MUCH AWKWARDNESS. After getting in and unpacking (which took forever – I foolishly brought too much), there was the first awkward conversations with flatmates (they all turned out to be lovely and we’re good friends now :P), and then there was the first night out, which was also awkward as it was with an even bigger group of people I didn’t know. I met more new faces in seven days than I normally would in seven months – it’s difficult even for those with excellent people skills (not a group I count myself amongst). While it did help to remember that literally everyone else was in the same boat, it was still difficult initially, and it was a lot of information to process.

I found it easier after attending some of the medic events, and joining societies definitely helps, as there’s more people with similar interests to me (speaking as a nerdy feminist who wears bat leggings to tutorials and considers a lecture on shakespeare’s mediaeval influences followed by a Siouxsie Sioux marathon a night well spent – Dundee Arts Cafe has excellent talks) – fresher’s week is very much focused on club nights at the union, which is fun – regretfully, there wasn’t a lot I liked on at the union during freshers, but it was nice getting out with flat mates – but isn’t really ideal for meeting people.

As a fresher, everyone was very much focused on us – not only were we bombarded with leaflets and free gifts from all sides, but the university’s welcome team were determined that we had a good time – even if it meant standing outside our window shouting at us to come join in at a game of giant jenga.

After a while, I got into a routine – there were tours and other constructive events on during the day, and I usually went to the union at evening (though I did stay in to watch doctor who one night!). I met a lot of other medics on the Shot-o-mania pub crawl, and then had to try and remember their names the next morning at matriculation. We even had a few introductory lectures to the course, which were really just to welcome everyone and give us an idea of what the course would be like.

Anyway, I have a lot of lectures to write up tomorrow, so I’ll leave this here. I’ll also try and get up a post with some photos of geeks and goths, the fresher’s ball and other events, as this has been a bit text heavy. I’ll write soon!



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