Right! Life Drawing…

Life drawing after sitting at a desk all week was….tiring on the eyes?
A great experience to be taught by Louise Johnstone, really helped me to see what I was drawing.

Mark making, a word you’ll hear a lot at Art College, I’m never drawing anything, always making marks. Which during the life drawing classes I began to understand.

From someone who had only done life drawing once, I went into it thinking this will be horrible, I can’t draw the figure.
My first drawing I almost gave up on, but I learned that was my key to the figure ad proportion, to persevere with what you’ve put down on your paper, keep looking at the model and looking again and work into it.

And in a couple of cases, if all else fails, do one part in great detail so’s to draw attention away from the elephant leg you just drew.

Anddd…don’t realise you’ve got 3 minutes left and rush to put a face on your figure. You’ll end up with a beautifully proportioned worked out figure, with a caricature face!


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    1. Rosalind

      Just a tip with regards to the caricature face! I was taught for life drawing, to start with the face (and then you can get all the proportions from there) and basically just mark in the features in a basic way. In this way if you run out of time, you will have the impression of a face without it looking like a cartoon and obviously also avoiding a faceless body. Good luck 🙂

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