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  • 12 October 2012, 08:45

Despite Dundee seeming to be a pretty small city (so small in fact that when I told a classmate that you could drive from one side of Dundee to the other in 15 – 20 minutes depending on traffic, her eyes widened in shock!), there are frequent opportunities for good nights out.

There is already a decent variety of pubs and clubs, ranging from the generally rowdy and commercial Fat Sams to more alternative venues such as Kage and the Reading Rooms. The Union at Dundee University also has a diverse night life throughout the week, with special events across the year.

Additionally, I am sure that most people reading this are aware of the various societies that can be joined. Though I haven’t signed up for any, I have got a membership for the Association of Dundee Architecture Students (ADAS) as well as joining the committee. This has been pretty fun so far, though I have only been to one meeting. Tonight I helped out at a “boat race”. If you have never participated in a boat race before, it involves teams (in our case of 5 each) who race to down a pint of beer each. So that was amusing!

Further afield but still accessible are the bigger venues, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. I have had limited experience of events at all three of these places, and they have all been wonderful. I have seen comedy in Aberdeen, Glasgow (as well as Dundee). I would recommend either Aberdeen or Glasgow for comedy gigs as the audiences are more receptive for some reason.

Most recently, I went to the O2 ABC to see The Darkness live on their comeback tour. This was one of the best nights of my life! I have loved The Darkness for a good while and when they released their new album, Hot Cakes I was so excited! It was even better that they had not lost their flair for the business or music production. All of the band members had incredible stage presence and the sound was even better than I had expected!
The O2 ABC contributed to the great atmosphere of the night as it is a relatively small venue and that night was filled with mostly dedicated fans! I thoroughly recommend going here for events as well as any opportunity you may get to see The Darkness!

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