Busy days!

Not only is it the run up to my first exam, but it was my birthday last week, so I’ve been rushed off my feet! I went back home for the first time since starting university this weekend, and I never realised how much I missed Glasgow until I was in it – Glasgow is dirtier and wetter than Dundee, but it’s also more diverse and vibrant , has a better culture and most importantly, it’s my home (though that might make me biased). Dundee is a nice city, but nothing beats wandering between the art and alternative shops in the city centre.

Anyway, I won’t have a lot of time this week, as my first formative test is in two weeks (doesn’t count, but still terrified!), so I can’t guarantee I’ll post next week (or the week after) – work is going to have to come first. Also, my boyfriend is coming up to visit, and I’d like to have a bit of time to show him Dundee. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m going to put some photos here from a few events throughout this semester, including some fundraising club nights, medic events and whatnot.

From left to right – at Liquid after the fresher’s ceilidh,  dressing up for geeks and goths, painted green and dressed as the hulk for Gaudie Night (what else) and Shotomania!


This also marks the first pictures of me to appear on this blog – I have trawled both my phone and facebook, but nothing has been suitable for sidebar use (mainly because I have been imbibed a fair number of alcoholic beverages prior to most of them being taken, and also because I always pull appalling faces in photos). Task for the weekend, I suppose. 😛

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