• 26 October 2012, 11:35

I may have mentioned previously that the Architecture department has an Association of Dundee Architecture Students (ADAS) which plays a large part in life as an architecture student at Dundee!

I have decided to join the committee. I have only been going to meetings for a couple of weeks but it is fun. ADAS caters for so many different things!
They organise regular social events, such as a “boat race” that we had a couple of weeks ago (this is a drinking competition, not anything to do with boats!), pub crawl, and the ADAS ball which is coming up in December.
The ball is going to be really good. All the social events promote relationships across all years, which creates a great atmosphere in the studios, as everyone is more comfortable and friendly, and the ball will doubtless make a strong contribution to this. People who have gone to the ball in the past have told me how much fun it is, as it is a good way to relax and have a good time after all the reviews and before Christmas. We will be going to a Scottish castle to stay the night, have a ceilidh and dinner.

ADAS also organises various lectures throughout the year (usually free to members of ADAS and a couple of pounds for non-members. We have already started the lectures this year and committee members are working to organise more. I believe we have some more confirmed but needing fine-tuned. I look forward to these lectures and we are very lucky to have these opportunities.

Another activity being organised by ADAS is a block of life drawing sessions. This will have limited availability but I certainly hope that I can go as I enjoy life drawing and have not done any since college, last year. It is also a good way to improve drawing skills and quality of line, which can be translated into architectural drawings.

There are many other things going on with ADAS and I would encourage new and existing students to get involved either in the committee or even just by attending events as I genuinely feel that they help to enhance the architecture student experience.
One of the most important factors in this, as I mentioned above, is the socialising. Getting to know students from different years gives opportunities to ask for help if and when you need it, find inspiration in other’s projects as well as a relaxed studio environment.

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