The story so far…

Seven weeks into university, and what have I done? or, more to the point, what haven’t I done?Studying has been hectic, with lectures, labs and learning usually 9-5, weekends and evenings spent attempting to balance out coursework and a social life.

So far I’ve had to hand in an essay, a project and give two presentations (I was ‘lucky’ enough to be picked out of a hat for one of these, but on the bright side it’s all finished now!)  We’ve had team based learning mini-tests, and there’s a formative exam this coming wednesday.  I think I’m pretty lucky, because I get on really well with the people in my group.  My experience of team working at school and during employment has generally been frustrating, with people who couldn’t really be bothered to take part, and I was worried about how the medicine course really emphasises the team based learning.  I’m genuinely really enjoying it, everyone in our group is really able, focused and willing to put the work in.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t get along with people and that there would be huge disagreements, but we all express our opinions and I’m really proud of the work we’ve accomplished together.

Aside from general studying, what have I been up to?  I’m really interested in having a career on surgery, so I decided to attend a BAPRAS plastic surgery student event in London, which was an amazing experience that I would strongly recommend.  Not only did we get insightful lectures about the field of plastic surgery, but we were able to practise skills in a suturing workshop and chat to medical students at different universities across the UK.   I’ve also volunteered as a patient in an emergency trauma simulation, so it was interesting to see what the older medical students were doing, and pretty fun to get gruesomely made-up with fake blood etc…

So this weekend, a break, perhaps?  Unfortunately not.  I’m just back from Edinburgh, catching up with friends who I haven’t seen since the start of university and I managed to fit in a wee bit of shopping.  Tomorrow I’ll be going over some lectures and writing up my notes, and at some point I’ll have to tackle the colossal mountains of clothes and dishes that seem to be breeding all over my flat. (The floors, the kitchen, the bathroom…. everywhere!)

Overall, things are going good, but I need to remind myself every so often that life’s not all about studying.  I’ve only been to the gym once or twice, and I’ve missed the last few weeks of karate.  Although I’m not particularly sporty, I do think it’s important to keep active and to spend time making friends outwith medicine.  I’ve also been spending too much money and eating a lot of junk (I blame cadburys for bringing out dairy milk with oreos…OMG).  Next week I’ll try and go to the gym and hopefully get into the habit of taking a packed lunch.Healthy body, healthy mind.  That is the plan  🙂

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