• 1 November 2012, 08:30

I am a bit of a tea-lover, so I decided to post about tea!

If you do not yet love tea, then you should really try to be more adventurous with what you drink, as I can guarantee that nearly all the time this will open up a whole world of excitement and opportunity!

So firstly there’s the traditional teas; English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Everyday etc, that go beautifully in Cream Teas (as pictured above). Cream teas are an English tradition, based in the south, around Cornwall. They are delicious! You have a pot of tea and a scone, served with jam and clotted cream. It is sometimes served with butter instead of cream. This is not as good, obviously!

My traditional tea of choice is Earl Grey. This is because it is delicate and fragrant but still a proper black tea that isn’t too fancy. I love the taste. However, earl grey is not right for everyone. Perhaps you need to try a few different teas before deciding which you like best! And remember that cheap teas aren’t as nice as the better known ones.

If you want to do some adventuring, you can order 2 free teabags from Twinings as tasters.

Okay, moving on. There are so many varieties of tea. Black tea, green tea, red tea, herbal tea… Have a look here for more teas and more specific types.

As I mentioned before, twinings is very good! And it is good for experimenting with different varieties as they are very varied.
Here are some of their teas which I would recommend:

When you get past the tea bag stage, you may well want to try loose tea. For this you will need a strainer at the very least, and preferably a teapot as well. You can buy loose tea in supermarkets. Twinings have some loose tea as do many other brands. In Dundee, there is a great shop called Braithwaite’s. The staff there are very helpful and you can buy tea (and coffee if you so wish) in varying sized bags. They also have plenty of choice.

Tea rooms in Dundee, that I can recommend are:


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    2 Responses to “Tea!”

    1. Kayleigh Wood

      Lovely to meet a fellow tea addict!

      Ooh I have recommend checking out the Burgh coffee house on Commercial St (just up from Zara on the corner). It does lovely teas (variety of greens, chai, blacks and fruities, Blue lady is my fave at the mo) as well as coffee, toasties and epic brownies!

      …and students get discount 🙂

      Kayleigh x

      PS Now I really want a tea… hmmm

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