The beginning of systems teaching

The medicine course at Dundee has been designed to integrate clinical and scientific skills.  Last week was the beginning of our first system module, the respiratory system, and so far it promises to be interesting!  I also feel more like a proper medical student.

Before the systems teaching we had a module on scientific principles, which basically sets a scientific foundation for the teaching to come.  For the next few years we’ll be studying each body system in more depth, with some clinical sessions, and then we transition to more clinical based learning in 4th and 5th years.

Although during my previous degree I learnt about biological sciences, learning medicine seems to require different skills.  The timetable is a lot busier than other degrees, there’s a fair bit of travelling between campus and Ninewells hospital and I never seem to have enough time to research around things as much as I would like to…

On the positive side, the lectures are great and being based in the hospital, taught by clinical staff and meeting patients on wards from 1st year semester 1 is amazing. (Plus when I start cycling I won’t need to go to the gym, ever!)  We also study a student selected component (SSC) where we look at a chosen subject of interest in more depth.  I’ll be studying cystinuria, starting this week I’m really looking forward to it!

Kayleigh 🙂


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