So it’s been a while…

Hello again! Sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged – my first exam was at the end of october, and I’ve been a little busy since then. Halloween has come and gone (my favorite holiday!), we’ve started our first block of systems teaching and sadly a friend of mine on the medicine course has decided that medicine isn’t really for her, and has decided to depart from Dundee. D: None the less, if it’s the best thing to do, then I wish her all the best – it’s something a lot of freshers will probably face (I was worried that I maybe should have accepted psychology at Glasgow instead of medicine, though I’m settled now), and should think about before applying. SAAS is quite nice


Anyway, on to cheerier things!


As I said, All Hallow’s Eve has come and gone, which as well as being my favorite time of year, is a big thing at DUSA – tickets for their event sold out really quickly, and the place was absolutely packed. I was a little bit disappointed with Distorted, as it was quite empty and everyone in there was doing the ‘I’m too cool for dancing so I’ll just nod my head’ thing, but the karaoke in air bar was amusing. I went as Princess Mononoke (obscure Japanese anime character – I suggest googling her, as the film is awesome) – only a few people knew who I was, but I was pretty pleased with my costume. I also managed to go to Shake last week, which is the union’s fifties and sixties rock and roll night. It was a special big band edition (my flatmate was playing the saxophone), which was a heck of a lot of fun – the swing dance society were amazing, and prompted me to start attending their classes (will report back on this another time). I also got to put my hair in to victory rolls, which from a vanity point of view was a lot of fun. 😉

Now that our introductory block of first year is out of the way – I passed the formative exam at the end of it, amazingly – the medical school have started us on our first system – respiratory. Dundee medical school has a spiral curriculum, which means I’ll come back to respiratory in later years and build on my knowledge, but it’s nice to finally get to do something more clinically relevant than the basic science.


Anyway, I’m supposed to be getting some sleep for tomorrow – I have clinical skills, and am going down to Birmingham in the evening to visit my boyfriend. So all around it will be a good day. 😀




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