DIA Awards Dinner

  • 26 November 2012, 08:31

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the DIA (Dundee Institute of Architects) Awards Dinner with the ADAS committee. Of course, it is open for people to attend and I could have gone independently but it was definitely better to go with a group and to be a part of representing our architecture association.

Bonds between ADAS and the DIA have been strengthened this year and I believe that the plan is for this relationship to be continued and encouraged. The architects were very welcoming to us on the night and overall, I had a wonderful time.

The dinner was held at the Invercarse Hotel, which is a great location as well as serving a delicious menu.

For our dinner, there was a set menu with a couple of options (there was always a vegetarian option, even if it wasn’t on the printed menu option)

I ate:
Rendezvous of Two Types of Smoked Salmon & Arbroath Smokie
Tomato soup (though I think it also had some ricotta or something in it…) with a warm petit pain
Filo Parcel of Mediterranean Vegetables & Mozzarella in a Pesto Cream Sauce (served with vegetables and roast potato)
Warm Individual Apple Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream & Toffee Sauce
Mint (I don’t like coffee)

I drank:
(before dinner) Gin and Tonic
(with dinner) House Red, which was a Merlot. Unfortunately I have forgotten what it was called.

I loved the dinner; much more luxurious than my average dinner (tonight, for example, I had home made egg mayo and Lucozade!). The starter was perfect. Light and flavoursome, and the salmon was very nicely cooked and presented.
The main (filo parcel) was also very good, though perhaps heavier than I would have liked. It was well flavoured. Unfortunately the vegetables and potato were not quite up to the same standard as the rest of the meal. The vegetables (broccoli and carrot) were watery and the potatoes were dry. Neither were particularly flavoursome.
The dessert was delicious, if a little difficult to eat. The pastry was too hard to cut through easily, but the sauce was gorgeous (I wish there had been more!) and the apple was very nice.
This review seems negative but as these were the only small imperfections, the rest of the meal was wonderful!

Anyway, the important part of the night (the awards and speeches part) was very interesting. We got a bit of amateur stand up, which was certainly amusing and it was good to see all the various buildings that were short-listed.

I could really get used to this life!

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