Birmingham visit and silly things Fiona does when she’s ill

As the title suggests, I unfortunately have been ill over the past few days (I probably gave myself food poisoning or something stupid, so no sympathy for me). The net result of this is that I managed to lose my wallet sometime over the weekend, and now have loads of work to catch up on. Sigh. On the plus side I went to the opera last week (The Magic Flute in Edinburgh, which only cost £10 as I’m under 26!) and I’ve just got a few things to finish now, and with any luck should have that done by friday at the latest. I’m representing the university in a team match against Edinburgh university tomorrow (god knows why, as I’m the weakest member of the team), which is making me jittery, but fingers crossed I should do okay.

With regards to my course, as previously mentioned we first year medics started the respiratory block a while back, and it has been a lot less stressful – I have maybe two plus afternoons off a week, miraculously. I’m writing up lectures in that time (and probably need to get cracking on clerking), but it’s a nice relief from principles. We’ve also had our first dissection (and second), which sounds scarier than it actually was. I thought everyone – myself included – would be somewhat squeamish about it, but one you know what you’re supposed to do you just get on with it. We’ve also started our SSCs, which is a project we write up over the year and counts towards our year mark. I got my first choice, Craniofacial Approximation and Reconstruction, and it’s been really interesting so far – my SSC adviser is a member of the forensic anthropology team, and he’s been really helpful in directing me to useful places to research the topic.


Last weekend, as I didn’t have a terrible amount of work to and I’d been saving up, I went down to Birmingham to visit my boyfriend – interestingly, I’ve never been down to England except when passing through, and it was pretty different from Scotland. Birmingham was way bigger than any city in Scotland, and apparently my accent stands out quite a bit. Even though it was only for a weekend (medics unfortunately have classes everyday, so I couldn’t stay longer than Friday night, Saturday and Sunday), it was really nice getting to see him again, and I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays so I can see him again.


On the subject of Christmas, my flatmates went a bit mad with decorations in the flat, which seemed bizarre to me, as they started the day after halloween. 😛 Still, it was pretty funny coming in from lectures to a fully decked out flat, and now it’s nearly december I’m willing to help them with decorations! Despite an overabundance of festive spirit, my flatmates are all brilliant, and we’re considering getting a flat together next year as well – Christmas is apparently the period that accommodation begins to go, so we need to get a move on if that’s the case.


Anyway, I need to go to lectures, so will hopefully post next week!

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