Staying Up

  • 5 December 2012, 04:01

Yesterday was our final hand in for the semester. We still have a good amount to do; preparing our portfolios for reviews next week, as well as writing a history essay and getting ready for an online self assessment. But the biggest thing is over. I worked out that I stayed up for about 66 hours, with 2 naps, a half hour on Monday afternoon and an hour on Tuesday.


Architects At Work

How did I do it?


I have never really had the stuff before and I hated it. I do not like the smell, especially on people’s breath, and I (used to) find it much too bitter.
However, as I was falling asleep at my course-mate’s flat as we were trying to keep working on finishing our projects, she offered me a coffee and insisted that I try it as she had recently started drinking coffee to keep her awake and she said it works wonders. So I took the cup, and trying not to breathe in the smell, I took a gulp. I proceeded to finish the cup, and felt immediately much more awake. I even realised that it didn’t taste as bad as I was expecting. It definitely helped that she had put in milk and some kind of whitener I believe.

So the next night, around 2 am, I found myself drifting again, so made myself a coffee. I substituted the whitener and skimmed milk, for a good slosh of whole milk, and achieved a fairly nom drink, which again, woke me right up so that I could work properly.

Drinking coffee makes me feel like an architect! So many architecture jokes, pictures, blogs etc show that coffee is a massive part of an architect’s life.
So huzzah, I qualify!!

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