Christmas holidays and the end of term

My respiratory block is over, thank goodness! I enjoyed it very much, but I was definitely looking towards the holidays, and it’s awesome being back in Glasgow. There’s still lots of work to do over the holidays (including my SSC – my project over the year – and a few lectures I still need to go over), but I have a bit more time to do it in now.

Also something I need to do – organise my Christmas presents. I occasionally wonder if there’s any actual point in presents, giving the amount of stress getting them generates and how presents are often bought without any thought put into them; then again, it’s awesome to give or receive a really thoughtful and considerate present, so instead of advocating a spartan holiday season, I’ll just be determined to try my best and get something special for everyone. 🙂

Being a student, however, does put a bit of a dampener on my budget, so I’ll be doing what is traditionally only acceptable of kids – homemade! In previous years I’ve knitted scarves or made up bottles of olive oil infused with peppers and spices, but this time around I plan on making boxes of truffles, peppermint creams and gingerbread! It’s nice to be able to say I put some effort into my gifts, and few can resist some sweeties. 😉

Other than the frantic baking involved prior to Christmas, I just plan on catching up with friends and the boyfriend – though I had no luck on the job search, it does mean I get to fully enjoy the holidays before the work starts back for real in January. Medics are back a week earlier than most (they lied to us! They said we’d get the same holidays as everyone else!), which does mean I get to visit the refresher’s week events and maybe help out with fem soc’s stand at the fair.

I’ll blog sometime again before Christmas, with pictures of our flat Christmas dinner (including the secret santa), but until then I hope you enjoy the festive season!

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