• 18 December 2012, 12:48
When it snowed in the middle of the night!

So it has been a while since Uni ended and I promised a mention to my lovely friend in architecture (as pictured above). I have of course been missing her (and my other epic friends on my course) while I have been away and she has been in foreign lands! The picture above was taken when it snowed while we were up late for one of our submissions.
This was the first time she had seen snow in real life and it was lovely and truly magical to see the joy of it all engulf her. We had an awesome break from work and everyone in the uni flats (I had been staying at her flat for days (weeks? maybe more…?!)) came out to enjoy the snow! OK it was mainly architects who came out! This is because we don’t sleep, we only work! Anyway, we went to another friend’s house where we had mulled wine and hot chocolate (I had the mulled wine) which was absolutely perfect.

This is possibly one of my favourite memories from last term, at least I can’t think of another one right now. Except of course for our architecture day out, when a group of us headed into Edinburgh for the German Market and shopping and lunch at Cafe Andaluz and dinner at Wagamama‘s!

Now it is time to get very excited for Christmas!
Peace out!

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