Happy holidays :D

Wooooosh!!!… I can’t believe how quickly semester 1 passed by!

The last time I spent xmas at home was 2010, so I’m super happy to be home and wasn’t even fazed by a 4 hour train delay… luckily I had mittens and a very warm coat 😀 I’m especially looking forward to my mum’s cooking, which is exponentially better than mine.

I brought my notes and books back to study over the holiday, this might sound like madness, but I’ll enjoy relaxing with a hot cut of tea and reading up on anything that seems interesting (which is pretty much everything).

In December I was involved with showing some medical applicants around the library and lecture theatres and it was strange to think that last year that was me. I remember how nervous I was, the excitement at getting interviews, and then the panic of realising that I had interviews. My fingers are crossed for all the applicants out there.

Merry christmas

Kayleigh xxx

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