Happy Hogmanay!

It’s here! Term has started again! I haven’t set any solid resolutions – do the dishes more and get some craft projects finished are the only ones I can think of right now, but I’m sure I’ll add to that. I hope all of you had a lovely christmas holiday (and if you were studying for prelims or other exams you got what you wanted done) and had some good fun. It was great going back to Glasgow for longer than a weekend (as I have previously said, Dundee is a nice town but there’s no place like home) and seeing some friends and relatives for the first time in ages. I even managed to go to Danse Macabre, a club night in the Classic Grand I’ve wanted to go to since I was a wee under 18er. It was an awesome night, with all my favorite music and awesome dancing, though I managed to break a record and get more inebriated than I was on gaudie night (not intentionally, mind you; I just forgot the rule about mixing spirits and beers :P).

Before leaving for the holidays, my flatmates and I had aflat christmas party, complete with christmas dinner, secret santa and decorations. As they were joke presents, I was given a pound shop tiara and jewellery, as well as a ‘how to be a good wife guide’ which was pretty funny. We had decorated the flat the week before, and it was looking really festive – as shown below, we made a fair amount of paper chains!


Course wise, we first year medics have just started our cardiovascular block – it’s too soon into it to form an opinion, but there’s a lot of differences compared to respiratory, which I will probably talk about in my next post. Until then!


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