• 9 January 2013, 08:10

On the 14th, I took the train to London to stay with my boyfriend, who works there. It was a good week. I went to visit the Roca Gallery with my godfather. The Roca Gallery in London was designed by Zaha Hadid and is often used as a venue for various exhibits. When we visited, it was being used to exhibit some work from the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Having just received a beautiful Canon DSLR for my birthday from my boyfriend, I took some pictures with it, to start practising.

After London, We returned to Scotland and spent Christmas and New Year with his family. This is the first time I have spent Christmas away from my family and the second time that I have spent it away from my parents’ home in Fife. It was enjoyable, and interesting to see another family’s traditions.

After New Year, I spent a few nights at my parents’ before returning to Dundee.
Since my return, I have been watching Star Trek (The Next Generation) near constantly! It is definitely enjoyable and I have a lot of love for Picard, Data, Worf and the rest of the crew! If you are not familiar with Star Trek, then I am sorry and here is a lovely picture of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

I find this man very calming; all is well when he is in command!

Anyway, away from my current preoccupations, it is near to the start of our second semester. We have now received details of our next project and our new tutor groups. Most groups consist of 11-13 people but for some reason, my new group will only have 7 members. Most curious!

Anyway, I look forward to our trip to Arbroath on Monday the 14th. We shall see what entails.

I would also like to wish good luck to all those starting their second semester, as well as anyone applying for Uni. I believe you only have a day or two to submit your applications. If you have not had someone read over your personal statement, I would recommend that you do. It is very helpful to get criticism from a fresh point of view.

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