January blues and resolutions

Holidays are brilliant, until they end, which is when you realise the looming deadlines and the threat of exams on the horizon.

I think January is the worst. Now that the holidays are over, winter just isn’t fun anymore, and I miss the sun!

First of all there are New Year resolutions. Now, what is the point of deciding to start something, usually healthy or productive (exercise more, eat less, quit that bad habit, study more), during probably the longest, coldest, and one of the most financially stressful months of the year? Brrr

New year resolutions seem destined to inevitable failure. Super depressing.

Why not have a new spring resolution, a time that ‘going for a run’ or cycling to work isn’t a perilous expedition, and when you don’t need several extra layers of insulating clothes (or fat) before heading outside (to the gym).

I have decided that my resolution is to try and get through all my christmas choccies. That way when the sun returns I can do some gentle exercise safe in the knowledge that I’ve already done my bit for new years.

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