To do list for semester two

The sky over campus this morning.


Hi again! I’m nearly two weeks into the cardiovascular block now, and the medical school is certainly not letting us slack off. I’ve had several online modules to complete, not to mention a patient history to write up and my SSC to get some work done on. Plus we recently found out about a formative assessment later, and (horror) our year exams. Apparently we’re getting only two weeks of exam leave compared to last year’s five weeks, and we’re doing way more course material. It’s massively unfair, but no point stamping my feet, I suppose.


I recently came across this guide of things you have to do while at university in the Independent, and I like the idea of a to do list for uni. While I want to try some of the things on the list (e.g. dying my hair – though maybe only semi permanent!) and have done a fair few others already (going to a uni sports match, making alcohol and handing in an essay early – well, it was just my SSC plan), I decided to make my own list of things to do this semester –


  1. Take up swing dancing. The swing dance society holds a beginners class on a sunday, and on nights out I really need to do something other than stand in one spot and awkwardly sway.
  2. Go to the 24 hour bakery after a night out. My flatmates are great proponents of this place – I have only passed it once, and that was on gaudie night, and I don’t tend to remember too much on medic nights out. Greasy macaroni pies ahoy!
  3. Go to skint.Again, related to nights out, but I’ve never been to skint. It’s really not my kind of music or something I would be interested in, but it’s something you just gotta do once.
  4. Learn how to cook. Starting small on this one with getting back into making pasta sauce and baked potatoes before building up, but any improvement is good – pasta, rice and noodles is probably not a balanced diet. 😉
  5. Volunteer. I miss volunteering! Don’t know if I’ll have the time, but I’d love to do some more.

I’m going to add things as I go, but this should start me off nicely – I’ll be sure to post my progress.

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