Beginning Semester Two

  • 26 January 2013, 10:19

We returned to Uni with a trip to Arbroath to visit out new site. After a chilly day of site analysis, and a spicy vege deli sandwich (my usual) at McDonalds, we returned to Dundee to start our work for the Friday submission.
We have new tutors and tutor groups this term. I think it is nice to have a change as it has made me talk to people that I don’t usually. Because our new tutor is also tutoring for the second years, we have a much smaller group; 7 people, so that he has time to see us. I like this as it is more intimate than being part of a large group where you wont have to much time or have your voice heard. Of course it also means more pressure to contribute, but I don’t really see that as a bad thing.

So we are now at the end of the second week and it already feels like we have been back for at least 4! We have only had one CAD class so far, but we get it on Monday. I love starting the week with CAD as it gets me up bright and breezy to start the day and it’s probably my favourite, well only “class”. What I am trying to say is that if we had a Monday morning lecture, I would be much less motivated!

We are into the stage of looking for flats. We have more or less decided who we are living with and have some viewings arranged. In fact I am supposed to be leaving for one now, so I will be quick!
For anyone looking for flats, here is some advice. Don’t get one with Jamal (I have heard many bad things about them), AKG are good, as are a few others, just have a look around. Another good thing to remember is to be quick., as places get snapped up, especially the good ones. BUT if you do end up starting late.. don’t worry, a lot of the time landlords wait for their current tenants to decide if they want to stay in the flat before putting it on the market, so there will be new flats becoming available.
Finally, I would recommend contacting agencies directly. Their sites are not always reliable, and neither is Zoopla (though that is good for an overview of what is available), as they may not be updated as soon as flats are taken and cause disappointment. Or worse, a beautiful new flat could become available that you know nothing about! So give them your details, phone them, go into their office… And good luck!

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